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The Judge
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Trinidad Guardian



WHEN THE MATCH between Casuals and Shamrock began on Saturday, my notes which appeared in Sunday's "Guardian" had already been in print. The result fully bears out my contention that varying have been the fortunes of the clubs in the first league.

CASUALS HAD the pleasure of meeting Shamrock again, in the first of the return matches, and they repeated their performance when winning the first match of the season against these self-same rivals. A good beginning does not make always a good ending, as instance the luck of the Maroons so far. But a re-beginning also good might prove otherwise and Casuals pulling down Shamrock a peg at the same time improving their own looks another good sign. I am fully prepared for shuffling and reshuffling of the table during the majority of these return games.

AS A GAME, the match was good in parts, and it bore out the well-known adage that opportunities lost can never be regained. The winners did not show up better, nor did they play classier football. But they made most of the chances, while Shamrock frittered away theirs. And even when the scores had been evened up early in the second half and Casuals moved again into the lead, it was Shamrock's good fortune to get an easy chance of again drawing level, but it slipped through their hands, and when it was lost the referee's whistle announcing the end followed it.