St. Mary's Team Outplayed

Date Published: 
Trinidad Guardian


Queen's Royal College playing one man short ten minutes from the start retained an early lead of two goals to nil, which they obtained, and defeated St. Mary's College in a return League fixture.

The game was fast at periods but the display was far below the best standard of either team.

The boys did not exhibit much skill in trapping the ball, and there was too much individual play and indiscriminate passing on occasions.

Burnett scored both goals from close range and though St. Mary's tried hard in the second half to equalise, the forwards threw away too many chances. Only Willox displayed any form in the forward line.

Williams, Q.R.C. captain, left the field early, having injured his ankle in a clash with Remy.

The Game.

St. Mary's won the toss. The first combined run was made by Q.R.C., but Edwards cleared a shot by Williams. Nicholson tried from St. Mary's right wing but the shot lacked direction. Q.R.C. obtained possession and Blackman shot. Rostant rushed out in the endeavor to clear. He failed to get to the ball and Burnett getting possession in the scrimmage shot to goal.

Q.R.C. 1—St. Mary's 0.

Three minutes later Q.R.C. made a good run and Burnett tried a nice dropping shot into the corner of the net. Rostant collided with the upright in an attempt to clear.

Knowles of St. Mary's tested Pierre with a good shot at the restart but he saved well.

Williams was injured soon after and he left the field.

Knox was given a perfect pass by Achong, but he centred weekly. A foul against Fernandez put St. Mary's in jeopardy but Achong cleared.

Wilcox shewed good dribbling and tried a shot which swept across Q.R.C. goal and went out. He lost a glorious opportunity.

Blackman tried a long shot before half-time.

The Resumption.

Play was faster after the interval, and Ryan secured a corner by some clever work. Edwards headed out the centre and Achong cleared. Ryan tried another run but was blocked. St. Mary's pressed and Wilcox tried a shot which Knowles saved. Knox (St. Mary's) tried a long shot which grazed the upright. Halfhide for Q.R.C. tried a beautiful long shot but Rostant cleared.

Nicholson got possession in a combined run and tried a shot. Carr displayed good tackling and then tested Rostant. O'Niel headed out for St. Mary's from a good position. Pierre saved a long shot from [illegible] and avoided a rush from Wilcox.

Wilcox was prominent at this stage and tried a difficult shot which Pierre took nicely.

Blackman made a splendid break away but slipped before the goal and the backs recovered the ball.

Wilcox worked outside and centred well. Knowles just barely reached the ball which went to O'Niel but he was robbed. Soon after Pierre was forced to run out after some uneventful play. Mr. V. Richardson sounded the final whistle and Q.R.C. were left masters of a poor game.

The Teams.

Q.R.C.—F. Pierre; Knowles and A. Gaskin; Halfhide, Carr, W. K. Achong; Blackman, Williams, Chambers, Burnett and Ryan.

ST. MARY'S—Rostant; Edwards and Remy; Fernandes, M. Achong, Cameron; Knox, Wilcox, Knowles, O'Niel, Nicholson.