Grenada Loses Final Match

Date Published: 
Trinidad Guardian


Grenada suffered defeat in the final match of the series when pitted against Constabulary on the Association ground yesterday. The game was a spirited one and although the Constabulary [illegible] early ascendancy, the Visitors demonstrated their ability to equalise and it was only in the concluding stages of the match that the struggle was [illegible] them. In the first thirty minutes the contest was decided the score being 3—2 in favour of the home side and on the resumption [illegible] the one side to equalise and on the other to increase, the score remained unchanged and so after a hard battle Grenada [illegible] to defeat.

Mindful of the recent performance of the Visitors, the Constabulary took no chances and from the commencement opened a vigorous offensive. Their efforts, although resolutely opposed by the Visitors, were rewarded ten minutes after the match began for Liddelow found the nets beating both the backs and the goalie. Sergeant Perkins followed suit. The Visitors whipped up greater effort and soon equalised. Equal exchanges followed with the Police pressing for supremacy and Ogier tried a fine shot which Coard saved in a performance equally good. Securing the ball again the Constabulary forwards raced down and Stent converted out of a beautiful piece of combination. Shortly after half time was sounded.

In the play succeeding the resumption the fortune of the game swayed in the balance as excitement after excitement was staged and although the Constabulary went nearer to scoring than their opponents the closing half was goalless and the Constabulary won on the opening half 3—2.

The teams lined up:—

Grenada:—Coard; Thompson and Sam, Charles, Otway and Fields; Byer, R. de Coteau, R[illegible]deau, Gibbs and Ogilvie.

Constabulary:— Max[illegible], Whitehead and Pierre; Clarke, Lloyd and Kippins; Ogier, Stent, Perkins, Liddelow and Small.