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Trinidad Guardian


The annual match between the two Colleges for the Alexander Clark Cup will take place this afternoon on the Association ground at 4.30 sharp. Players are asked to be in time as in the event of a draw an extra 20 minutes will be played to decide the winner.

The donors have decided that the winning College will be presented with a replica of the cup annually to be kept as a momento of its victory.

Referee: Mr. Bro Warner.


S.A.F.L. v. T.A.F.L.

This annual North v South encounter is due to be played this afternoon on the S.A.F.L. ground at Usine. Kick off 4.30. Mr. John Rochford will referee, and this fact has produced the utmost satisfaction in both camps, where the worth of J.R. as man, player and official is appreciated to the full. As usual, this game has aroused great excitement and interest, and Southerners in particular are in a frenzy as to the outcome. Can their XI pull it off? Will they manage to win at last? For years the Northerners have been supreme, and have won consistently; for all that, the men of the South have always gone down fighting to the last ditch. Formerly, ground advantage should have meant something to the South, but the S.A.F.L. field is greatly improved nowadays, and friend and foe alike should find no difficulty in circumventing its few remaining peculiarities. The selectors have chosen the following to represent the S.A.F.L., and, if they perform as well as every "Down South" soccer enthusiast hopes, the Town boys will have to go "some" to win. Team: R. Maingot (Leaseholds); F. J. Middleton (Usine) and I. C. Macauley (San Fernando); E. Lange (Leaseholds), H. Thom (Brighton) and A. C. Jack (T.O.L.); W. T. Hadden (Leaseholds), W. G. McClure (Brighton), R. J. McLenn (Leaseholds), G. Lynch (Brighton) and R. de Vereuil (Leaseholds). Reserves: G. G. Liddle (San Fernando), J. McWilliams (Usine) and S. J. Edwards (Leaseholds). There has been a big rush of bookings for seats in the Stand, but there are a few vacancies for later comers, who can procure seats by applying at the entrance after 4 o'clock. There is only a limited number left and those who have not booked already would be well advised to come early and avoid disappointment.

The North team is as under:—

I. Hart, R. Lewis, A. Charles, H. Brown, E. Pollonais, (Capt.), A. Daniel, T. Schjolseth, F. Farrell, E. Hill, E. Achong.

Reserve, S. De Coteau.

The team will assemble at Hondley's corner at 12.45 and will leave at 1 p.m. punctually. The team will be entertained to tea by the Southern League at the Paramount Hotel instead of at the Usine as previously.