Trinidad game has made great strides

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Jamaica Gleaner

Jamaica soccer tourists say

JAMAICA'S SOCCER TRIO, Dudley Smith, Vivian Bayliss and 21-year-old Bobby Williams, arrived here on Tuesday night to join the rest of the Caribbean soccer contigent touring Surinam.

The team has twelve Trinidadians, one each from British Guiana and Puerto Rico, and three from Jamaica.

The Jamaicans were met at Piarco Airport by Mr. Joey Gonsalves, captain of the Caribbean team. Allan Joseph, Trinidad centre half, and Mr. Eric James, the sole selector, who is accompanying the team as manager.

Bayliss said that he regretted very much the inability of Trinidad's fullback, Gerry Parsons, to make the trip. The Jamaicans also regretted reaching here just after the end of Trinidad's soccer season, which was concluded on Saturday.

It seemed obvious, the Jamaicans said, that Trinidad's soccer had attained a very high standard since Jamaica's last visit in 1949.

Felix Seijo, Puerto Rico's member on the side, joined the team in Trinidad on Wednesday, while Weithers of British Guiana joins the side at Atkinson Airport, from where the Caribbean team flies to Surinam.