Gold Cup 2000 Begins In Miami's Orange Bowl on February 12

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USA Versus Haiti Kicks Off The 12 Team Event

New York City - The United States and Haiti will open The Football Confederation's 2000 Gold Cup, in Miami's Orange Bowl on February 12 before the games move on to Los Angeles and San Diego.

After 19 games between the 12 national teams, the first champion of the new millenium will be awarded the Gold Cup at the Los Angeles Coliseum on February 27.

The announcement of the groups and full schedule was made at The Football Confederation headquarters in New York today by General Secretary and FIFA Executive Committee member Chuck Blazer.

The 12 teams were divided into four groups of three, with two groups being based in Miami, one in San Diego and one in Los Angeles. The top two in each group will play in the quarterfinals in Miami and San Diego on February 19 and 20, with the semifinals in San Diego and Los Angeles on February 23 and 24.

"By seeding the teams throughout, we kept apart the teams from our three regions - North America, Central America and the Caribbean - and the three invited teams from other Confederations," Mr. Blazer said.

"We also looked at achieving a competitive balance in forming the groups and in specific local interest in allocating the groups."

All games, except the semi finals and final, will be played as doubleheaders at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, and the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Groupings are as follows:

Group A - Jamaica, Colombia, Honduras - Miami
Group B - USA, Peru, Haiti - Miami
Group C - Mexico, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago - San Diego
Group D - Costa Rica, South Korea, Canada - Los Angeles.

Schedule of games:

12.02.00 USA vs. Haiti (19:00); Colombia vs. Jamaica (21:00) in Miami
13.02.00 Costa Rica vs. Canada (12:00); Mexico vs. Trinidad & Tobago (14:00) in San Diego.
14.02.00 Jamaica vs. Honduras (19:00); Haiti vs. Peru (21:00) in Miami.
15.02.00 Korea vs. Canada (19:00); Trinidad & Tobago vs. Guatemala (21:00) in Los Angeles.
16.02.00 Honduras vs. Colombia (19:00); Peru vs. USA (21:00) in Miami.
17.02.00 Mexico vs. Guatemala (19:00); Korea vs. Costa Rica (21:00) in Los Angeles
18.02.00 Rest day
19.02.00 (Quarterfinal A) Winner Group B vs. Runner up Group A (15:00); (Quarterfinal B) Winner Group A vs. Runner up Group B (17:30) in Miami.
20.02.00 (Quarterfinal C) Winner Group D vs. Runner up Group C (12:00); (Quarterfinal D) Winner Group C vs. Runner up Group D (14:30) in San Diego.
21.02.00 Rest day
22.02.00 Rest day
23.02.00 (Semifinal 1) Winner Quarterfinal A vs. Winner Quarterfinal B (20:00) in San Diego.
24.02.00 (Semifinal 2) Winner Quarterfinal C vs. Winner Quarterfinal D (20:00) in Los Angeles.
25.02.00 Rest day
26.02.00 Rest day
27.02.00 (Final) Winner Semifinal 1 vs. Winner Semifinal 2 (12:00) in Los Angeles.