Jamaica Beat Carib All-Stars 2-1

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Jamaica Gleaner

Alcock's dribbling baffles opponents
19,000 SEE 2nd TEST

JAMAICA ................. 2 (Defender, Heron)
CARIB ALL-STARS .... 1 (Kruin)

WITH Lester Alcock's amazing powers of dribbling providing a base for successful counter-attacks, Jamaica defeated the Caribbean All-Stars 2-1 at Sabina Park yesterday afternoon to even the soccer Test series. Nineteen thousand wildly cheering fans saw Jamaica blunt the striking power of the visiting frontline.

Before the game members of both teams were introduced to the Earl of Athlone, who attended the game accompanied by His Excellency the Governor, Sir Hugh Foot.

Referee Rupert McAnuff handled the game, assisted by referees Arthur Bethune and Bunny Barber officiating as linesmen.

From the first whistle Jamaica were on the go with a singleness of purpose lacking in the first Test. Delapenha accepted a pass from Heron, swung back to Miller, Miller stabbed to Alcock and Alcock cleverly displaced two attackers to let through outside left Bobby Williams who centred, but Parsons intercepted. Alcock had served notice of his return in spectacular fashion.

From the kick-out Allan Joseph collected in midfield and let through centre forward Kamperveen. Kamperveen split-kicked through to Kruin and "Our ruin" was away.

But his shadow, Karl Largie, was on vigilant guard and Kruin was effectively tackled when he was coiled to strike.

Inside forwards drop back in master plan

Jamaica's inside forwards Alcock and Delapenha were playing back with centre half Henry Miller as the stopper pivot on the backline. An extended defence line confronted the fast-moving All-Stars forward line.

Faced with this new departure in strategy the All-Stars were taken back and for a while Jamaica assumed the ascendancy. Alcock with his passes moving with calculated precision and Delapenha — the quiet master directing operations — initiated all atacks and the opposing defence had much work.

Jamaica one down

The Stars were somewhat disjointed in their attacks as Kamperveen and Kruin were tightly watched. Then in the tenth minute of play Dickie Bayliss misjudged a bouncing ball at the centre line and a movement began which culminated in Jamaica being one down.

From a long, looping kick Bayliss moved speedily in and failed to head well away. Jacques Banguillot moved across and harnessed the straying ball, dribbled ten yards upfield and swung diagonally to the waiting Kruin just three yards outside the area. Kruin trapped, lifted the ball, pushed around two defenders and slammed home with grim certainty.

Yet Jamaica, then down 1-0 fought back with a tenacity which brought round of applause from the thousands of spectators.

When the interval came, Delapenha, after a superb dribble had just dispatched Alcock for the 'Fairy Boots' to beat three and be caught in a mood of expectancy for the fourth.

On the resumption, Jamaica went into the game with great determination and were rewarded in the fortieth minute of play.

Delapenha weaving his way across the field, passed to right half Dudley Smith, Smith trapped, beat an attacker and let through outside left Bobby Williams with a long grounder. Bobby Williams beat the advancing Gerry Parsons and centred; Alcock closed in and with a powerful left-footer, which deflected off another player, beat Joey Gonsalves by the right upright of the northern goal.

Best Movement

But the finest inter-line movement of the entire match came from the All-Stars in the fifty-second minute of play. Right half Yvon Dorcean moved ahead on a short pass from right back Gerry Parsons, crossed to the centre field and pushed to centre half Allan Joseph. Joseph took the pass in his stride and swung to inside left Jacques Baguillot; Banguillot dribbled in and tired a cross-shot which went wide.

Four minutes later Jamaica closed the issue with Heron's tally in the fifty-fifth minute of play.

Alcock teaming perfectly with Delapenha moved upfield, through-passed to Bobby Williams; Williams flipped across to Delapenha and Lindy crossed back to Williams, Williams dribbled right up to the goal line and centred three yards beyond the penalty spot for an advancing Heron to head in with immense power. Jamaica were now in the lead 2-1.

Correct tactical play was then used by Jamaica who utilised long upfield clearances with their inside forwards reconnoitering.

The All-Stars tried valiantly to even the score but Karl Largie, turing in the best game of his career and Henry Miller playing courageously at centre half thwarted their efforts.

It was a very fast game. Icar Lawrence and Bayliss played well on the Jamaica backline; Karl Largie was brilliant, Delapenha was superb and Alcock was great by any standards. Bobby Williams made an impressive debut figuring in both winning goals.

Parsons played well for the losers and Kruin was always dangerous.


RONNIE COOPER, Jamaica's goal-keeper, sustained a fractured finger during the second half in yesterday's match and will be unable to play in the third Test tomorrow. His place will be taken by Teddy Saunders.


The All-Stars were: Joey Gonsalves, goal; Gerry Parsons, right back; Manny Desouza, left back; Yvon Dorcean, right half; Allan Joseph, centre half; Humphrey Mynals, left half; Charles Banguillot, outside right; Michel Kruin, inside right; Rudie Kamperveen, centre forward; Jacques Banguillot, middle left and Paul Desrosiers, outside left.

Jamaica: Bonnie Cooper, goal; Dickie Bayliss, right back; Icar Lawrence, left back; Dudley Smith, right half; Henry Miller, centre half; Karl Largie, left half; Noel Tappin, outside right; Lindy Delapenha, inside right; Gillie Heron, centre forward; Lester Alcock, inside left and Bobby Williams, outside left.