Sports body disapproves of competitions in Trinidad

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


Several clubs have voiced strong dissatisfaction at the manner in which football in Trinidad-Tobago is being administered and a rival body is most likely to be formed.

Meanwhile, the Aviation Sports Limited Club (ASL) has withdrawn from future Trinidad and Tobago Association competitions.

This assertion came recently from Arthur Suite, president of Aviation Sports Limited Club, the professionally structured champion football team of Trinidad-Tobago. Suite's statement came as he announced to a large gathering of players and officials of football clubs that ASL had decided to withdraw from the Trinidad-Tobago Football Association's competitions.

Suite, whose ASL broke for two years with the Association (1982-1983), before returning to the fold last season, accused the regime of mismanagement, failure to advise ASL of intention to reduce or liquidate debt in the amount of over TTD 100,000 owed to ASL by TTFA and of operating in a 'dictatorial way' towards certain clubs affiliated to the association.

The meeting, which was held at Jean Pierre sports complex by a group of concerned clubs, was also attended by some persons including former national players. Up to midday today, no comment on ASL's withdrawal, nor allegations made by Suite, had come from TTFA officials.