Notes From Trinidad

Burnell Jones
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


A sixth club has cut ties with the ruling football body here to join the "rebel federation". This news made added "talking juice" to the people of Arima last night, as the folks of the eastern borough, home town of Larry Gomes, were "celebrating" the success of their cricketing idol in winning the Sportsman of the Year Award for 1985.

The team, Memphis, which is being sponsored by a fried chicken food establishment, is among the top crowd-pulling sides in the country and is being paraded as "the pride of Arima" in reports by football writers here.

In Memphis lads finalised plans for the defection following a meeting held by ASL leader, Arthur Suite, whose ASL sports team began the "Exodus" following long-standing rifts with the parent body.

The announcement of Memphis' defection has come some days after the TTFA declared that the Federation is not being recognised by football administrators here, in the region, and at FIFA level. Other clubs which have quit the Association, apart from ASL, are ECM, Cocorite, Maple and Tacarigua United.

Essex, another TTFA club team, is expected to join the "rebel" ranks when they hold a meeting at their St. James clubhouse in near-west Port of Spain, tomorrow night.