Resignation calls rejected

Burnell Jones
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Port of Spain, Jan. 7

Calls by some of the leading clubs in Trinidad-Tobago football on administrators of the ruling body Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) to resign their posts have been dismissed as 'nonsense' by the men who control the sport in this republic and today, the formation of a "Football Federation" was announced.

The 'Federation' will administer football in north, east, south and central Trinidad and, so the announcement states, will be headed by officials of the nation's leading teams who have all broken ties with the association. They include Arthur Suite, head of ASL sports, the champion squad which sports a number of outstanding national players; Aubrey Peters, manager of ECM, who won this year's FA trophy, Eddie Hart of Tacarigua United, the star-studded East Trinidad team; Edgar Vidale, former national coach and Rolf Bartholo, of Maple, one of the oldest clubs in the country.

Last night, a federation official told Gleaner that "they (the TTFA administrators) failed to do the honest thing by resigning after throwing football into disgrace; so we have formed this body, which will, we are sure, attract the many other clubs who have been dissatisfied with the way the (TTFA) officials are carrying out their duties."

TTFA have issued a "warning" to teams which may be affiliated to the rebel federation: "The federation will not be recognised by the world's ruling football body, FIFA".