What's The Score

G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


THAT energetic individual, Commander Hayward, of Trinidad has taken a decisive step towards the formation of an Antillean Football Association, a conference on which is to be held in Puerto Rico on the 24th of this month and which it is stated representatives from the following Caribbean countries will attend, Puerto Rico, Martinique, Aruba, British Guiana, French Guiana, Jamaica, Haiti, Guadeloupe and Trinidad.

To be quite candid I see no point whatever in the formation of a controlling body for football in this area composed of so many different nationalities. As regards exchanging visits among these countries we are perfectly able to do that as and when we please without having any such Association, nor would I like to see the Jamaica Football Association bound by such a body to a permanent round of visits in this group on the lines of the Intercolonial cricket.

As regards the possibility, or even the desirability, of forming an Antillean Football team, I would point out how extremely difficult, in fact practically impossible, it would be to pick a representative team among so many different countries even if there were any interest which I cannot see.