J.F.A. Discuss Caribbean Federation Today

Baz Freckleton
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Commander Hayward To Sit In On Discussions

THIS evening at 6 o'clock the guiding minds of Jamaica soccer will meet at Sabina Park when the Council of the Jamaica Football Association considers in detail the proposals for the formation of a central control body for amateur football in the Caribbean Area. The keenest
interest surrounds, this momentous conference.

Sitting in at the meeting will be the fervent apostle of the idea, Lt. Commander Charles Hayward, M.B.E. President of the Trinidad Amateur Football Association, Life-President of the Trinidad Physical Culture and Weightlifting Association.

Commander Hayward has travelled thousands of miles on a mission to convince the various areas of the merits of forming what he would call "the Caribbean Amateur Football Federation" and so far he has gained support from Puerto Rico, Dominica, Haiti, British Guiana and, naturally, Trinidad.

In pursuing his ideal, Commander Hayward, who has been for the past sixteen years Mexican Consul for the West Indies and B.G. (excepting Jamaica) says that he is convinced that "sports is the greatest equalising medium and, more than anything else, can bring the units of the world into a greater bond of common friendship".

Furthermore his idea has been commended by such eminent sportsmen as M. Boucolron, Inspector of Sports and Youth Welfare in the Republic of France; (2) General Clark Flores, Controller of Amateur Sports in Mexico and (3) the secretary of the world famed Queen's Park Rangers Club. All [illegible] sporting officials who were recently in Trinidad and as guest of Commander Hayward, watched a local soccer match.


"I have the highest admiration for J.F.A. president, Granville daCosta and his Council members, so I am confident that after this afternoon another ally will have been brought to the Federation idea. I finally hope to have the following countries as members of the Federation—Jamaica, Trinidad, British Guiana, Haiti, Curacao and Aruba, Surinam, Puerto Rico, Dominica, Guadeloupe and Martinique".

It is understood that members of the Jamaica Football Association favour the basic idea provided it does not infringe on their domestic rights.

In March next year Commander Hayward will go to England to discuss with Sir Stanley Rous, secretary of the English F.A., arrangements for the proposed tour of the All-Trinidad team to England in 1952.