Advocates Jamaica Footballers Use Pegs For Coming Tour

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Jamaica Gleaner

Hugh Myers In Trinidad

HOW MANY of our footballers took heed of the timely warning by Hugh Myers, former Y.M.C.A. and Jamaica full-back now resident in Trinidad, when he summed up the ability and possibilities of the Trinidad football team on the eve of its visit to Jamaica in February last? Probably the players, and even the authorities, only recall his words after that 6-0 debacle!

Well, now on the eve of our team's return visit to Port-of-Spain this great footballer has still a little more advice to offer to his Jamaican (he is still one) footballers, and having learned from experience we hope that it will be heeded this time, particularly in respect to the question of pegged football boots. And there is no gainsaying that Myers ought to know what he is talking about! He is right on the spot.

"I want to write this very slowly and plainly so that you can realise how important it is," writes Myers in a "registered" letter to me arriving here on Monday.


"Try and make the boys (our footballers) coming here realise that Trinidad at home and abroad are two different propositions. You saw how different play went whenever they had a damp or soft ground during the last tournament?

"The T. A. F. A. ground is well covered by grass and poorly drained, so that if it rains any time during the hours prior to the match the ground is usually quite soft if not quite sodden. We are supposed to be approaching our (Trinidad's) dry season, but the saying here is that we have two seasons—the rainy and the wet!

"I have been thinking that pegs instead of bars would help considerably. No one here uses bars and that must mean something. Of coarse, the boys would have to equip their boots now to get accustomed to the feel. I have tried the pegs here and found them just the answer.

"Both footballers and public are anticipating the visit with great interest, and I can tell you that the new English coach has the boys in tip top condition . . . Anyway send the best team available and get them as fit as possible. The guys mean to win!"


Myers is expected home on vacation next month, and despite his bad knee expects to kick even in the Junior League while here. Incidentally, he has been keeping fit, if he had put on some weight by playing regularly in a tourney side which he has got up himself.

Born any man who loves a game of football more than Hugh Myers! He would kick a ball with the first batch of street urchins he runs across. And what a fine back he was in the days when he had two sound "pegs"? So much so that a Jamaica Team of all time is always regarded incomplete without him.

Anent practice matches for the Jamaica Team before it flies for Port-of-Spain I have received a letter from Wilton Vickers, of Cross Roads, suggesting that a match be played against an All Schools Team. Of course, the J.F.A. would have to first win the consent of the Headmasters.

In support of his proposal Vickers writes: "We can remember only too well how strongly the All Schools XI stood up to the Trinidadian attack earlier this year. Surely there can be no doubts that such a match would be advantageous in every respect."