Football Team Selected To Tour Trinidad

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

After the final trial match played at Sabina Park yesterday afternoon, the JFA Selection Committee, consisting of Messrs. Paul Chevannes, chairman; J. Groves, Vin Sasso, Mike Hanna and Harry Walker, met and selected 15 players to tour Trinidad next month for the triangular tournament between the home Colony, British Guiana and Jamaica.

The result of their deliberations was as follows:

Lester Parke (Kingston), captain and centre-half; L. Alcock (Wembley), forward; B. Bayliss (Melbourne), half back; R. Brown (Government Printers), forward; H. DaCosta (Kingston), back; C. Gareta (Local Forces), goal; N. Hall (St. George's Old Boys), forward; R. Kinkead (Kingston), forward; O. Mason (Lucas), forward; A. McKenzie (St. George's Old Boys), forward; M. McLean (Kingston), half back; D. Smith (Melbourne), forward; H. Walters (Government Printers), half back; G. Willis (St. Peter's), back; J. Wilson (Mandeville), back.

The team was accepted by the JFA Council at a meeting which followed the sitting of the Selection Committee. It has been decided that the players selected should report at Sabina Park this afternoon, and after practice should met the Council at 6.30 o'clock.

It is also hoped that a match involving the selected Jamaica side will be played on Saturday at Sabina Park. If that match is played, the Senior League fixtures scheduled for that day will be postponed.