Football Season Kicks-Off Tomorrow, Jamaica-Military

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Jamaica Gleaner

The Big Ball game arrives officially locally tomorrow afternoon, when a Jamaica Civilian Eleven tackle the Combined Military in the J.F.A.'s official opening match of the 1947-48 season at Sabina Park, kicking off at 4.30 o'clock.

Although schoolboys will not be available for the Trinidad tour, for which our team will leave on November 2, both Hamilton and Alexander will line-up for Jamaica tomorrow, they being selected before the Headmasters announced yet another of their ultimatums, which seem always to have a tendency to affect sports, on a whole, in Jamaica.

This is bound to work considerable hardships on the Selectors, who are faced with the difficult job of filling the places of those leading players of last season, who have since left the Island to continue their studies.

True we have a recruit in Malcolm McLean, the Trinidadian who was an opponent earlier this year, and who should be able to find a place on the team in November; but one swallow
does not make a summer following the loss of McKen, A. U. Dujon, Vernon Delgado.


I am glad to see that the Selectors have not only invited him to train, but also Frank Worrell, who was captain of the Champion Barbados club last season.

But both Frank and J. K. Holt (Jnr.), will find it hard making the team owing to their visit to British Guiana with Jamaica's cricket side. They are expected to return here on or around October 20, so that if they should be in form to gain selection they could only be able to do so if a couple trial matches were arranged between the time of their return and the selection of the team.

A more complete list of the players required to train for selection was published last week. I have been asked by Chairman Paul Chevannes to also add the names of S. Aiken and L. "Rubber-Duck" Tulloch, both of Railway.

At the moment Chevannes himself is looking after the players' preparation over at Unifruitco Park; but he hopes soon that Major George Allen and Ray Marshall will soon be assisting. Gordon Partridge may not be available.

The Chairman has advised me that the Selectors are determined not to select any player who does not turn out for these specially prepared training. Only those players who have shown enough enthusiasm to attend at Unifruitco regularly or as often as is convenient will be considered for selection to go to Port-of-Spain.


The recent rains should help our players in training on the heavier type of grounds, which they will be experiencing in Trinidad. We still want to keep that veil across that 6—0 debacle in the last Test in February last.

Another question I would like to ask, is whether the Selectors will be encouraging our players to use studded boots instead of bars. We know that the Trinidadians use the former because of their heavier fields, and after the experience of that last Test we should prepare ourselves for the tour in which it will not be the exception of one rainy afternoon as out here, but most likely many such afternoons.

One would like to hear the opinion Of Malcolm McLean on this subject as compared with those of the Selectors.

I observe that B.G. were the hosts to two Surinam teams in the past three months or so. The first side was a Military one, while the last was representative of the full civilian strength of their neighbouring Dutch Colony. In either case, B.G., who will be one of our opponents in The Triangular Tournament, lost the "rubber" 2—1.

Incidentally, the last time B.G. and Trinidad came to "grips" the "Mudlanders" were the winners by the same margin.