What's The Score

G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


Football Season

The 1947-48 football season will soon be with us and the chief event will be the visit of our team to Trinidad to play that country and British Guiana. Our team is not likely to be very strong, unless we can find some new talent, so it would be as well to use some of our younger players, perhaps from the schools, with an eye to the future.

But an event that will perhaps be even more interesting than this, if it comes off, is the proposal to bring a team of schoolboys here from Barbados; which is now being investigated
by our energetic President of the Football Association.

In view of the strong interest there always is in school football here, there is no doubt that such a visit would be a tremendous success.

W.I. Football Board Of Control

There is also a proposal on foot to form a West Indian Football Board of Control along the lines of the Cricket Board; and this will be discussed whilst our team is in Trinidad—which is another reason for hoping that G. M. daCosta will be able to make the trip with the team, since he could be far and away the most competent man to represent us at such a meeting.

Personally, I am against Jamaica joining such a body; or to put it more clearly, I do not think it would be in the best interests of the game in this country to be controlled by a West Indian Board. Different conditions, our distance from the other Colonies and other factors combine to make it better for Jamaica to handle her own sporting affairs as she has done so successfully in cricket, tennis and track athletics.