Elect Right Men To JFA!"—Ken Weekes

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


"The prestige of Jamaica in the field of football has been lowered because of shortsightedness on the part of the J.F.A. which borders on gross negligence," said Mr. Ken Weekes, international cricketer and Lucas footballer in a Gleaner interview given last week.

He was speaking on what he termed the "debacle" game on Wednesday last between the visiting Trinidadians and an All-Jamaica XI which ended with the local side being on the short end of a six-nil result.

"Immediately after the Trinidad-St. George's match, when the club side was defeated 4 goals to 2, I approached an official of the J.F.A. and pointed out to him the disadvantages of playing on a wet field with bars, instead of, like the Trinidadians, with studs. This official himself an ex-footballer, agreed with me.

"On Wednesday afternoon, at about one o'clock, rain began to fall. I remembered my conversation with the official, and I thought, well, there would be enough time for him to have the necessary changes made in the footwear of our team. When I arrived at Sabina Park, I made enquiries, and discovered that only two local players—Allen and McMorris—were wearing studded boots.

"The sight of our team floundering in the mud a Sabina while goal after goal was scored against us by a team which was palpably not up to our football standard, was disheartening. In future, the Clubs must see that the right men are elected to office on the J.F.A., and not allow these shortcomings to place such a blot on our splendid record among Intercolonial games".