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Watch Trinidad! Series Can Be Drawn

They Meet BustamanteThey Meet Bustamante: HERE ARE THE Trinidadians being presented to the Hon. W. A. Bustamante before their match with Melbourne at Sabina Park, on Monday afternoon. Beside Mr. Bustamante is Prior Jones, the captain, who is introducing his team-mates. Inset is the Hayward Shield for which the two colonies will tangle for the last time in the current series to-day.

THIS AFTERNOON will see Journey's End in the current Intercolonial Football series between Jamaica and Trinidad 22 anxious young men will be running about the Sabina Park field before what is expected will be a record crowd that should see the 20,000 mark neared.

These young men will be anxious, because of two things; (a) there is much at stake; for although Jamaica will enter the list with a lead of two matches to one, a loss this afternoon will mean that Trinidad who conquered us in 1935 will retain the championship; (b) the other matter is that both sides have been on performances so evenly matched that the outcome must remain in doubt until the very last minute, unless by some chance one side establishes a decisive lead earlier.

The J.F.A. selectors picked a formidable team last night. No word could be received before going to press from our visitors about the composition of their side. So while most people will be having breakfast this morning, Messrs. Prior Jones, Vic Richardson & Co. will be puzzling their brains over the question of whom to play.

The J.F.A. side will return for the final match with added confidence from the knowledge that the dangerous inside right, L. Alcock, has been recalled. Playing the feeding W half forward and with his ability to get the ball up, Alcock should constitute sharpshooting McMorris into an even greater danger to Gonsalves than the 'Dragon' forward has been to date. All
is that he will riot hold on too long to that, ball and indulge in his trick dribbling for which he is notorious.

Jamaican spectators will miss the grim confidence of McLean, the Lucas captain in goal. They must do with Dujon who should go into the fray with the determination to make up for his remissness of last Saturday. He may be well advised to modify his third-back game: Ganteaume used the proper counter-stroke for that weapon—the lob, to work our undoing

Our Defence

But Dujon will himself feel safer in goal with the sure kicking Shakespeare at back instead of the more dynamic but less trusty Delgado, who at last failed to weather the storm of criticism from all quarters.

Our half line has been left intact with the redoubtable McKen at centre. Allen is still captain and that is as it should be despite his inocuousness near goal, he is still the master strategist with his precision passes.

What have we to fear from Trinidad? Our van is decidedly better than theirs; for unless they put Lewis over the ball—and they won't—their best moves will be frittered away. But this Jamaica must remember: Trinidad has half converted us away from the W Plan and we now play an indeterminate game, using the W plan positional play but not acting with the necessary understanding. Trinidad's defence with their roaming half line has been in the last matches making much better and many more constructive moves than our own defenders, who are all too concerned on defence. With such a constructive defence, Trinidad's forwards may find it impossible not to score. We should consider ourselves lucky that Ian Seale is unfortunately unable to bolster that line; he is Trinidad's best half, but a pulled muscle will keep him but to-day.

Guest of Honour today will be the Colonial Secretary, the Hon. H. M. Foot, C.M.G., O.B.E., to whom the teams will be presented.


Following the match, if decision is reached, the Hayward Shield will be presented.

There will also be the presentation of the trophies gained in the club competitions. Melbourne will receive the Senior League, St. George's the Senior Knock-Out, Railway, the Junior League and S & C Troops, the Junior Knock-Out, and lastly the Business House League winners, Agricultural Bank, will get their trophy.

An official dinner to the visitors will be given later in the evening at the Myrtle Bank Hotel at which it is expected that His Excellency the Governor will be present and Mr. G. M. daCosta, J.P., President of the J.F.A. will preside.

Jamaica's Team

Goal: A. S. Dujon
Right Back: A. U. Dujon
Left Back: H. Shakespeare
Right Half: W. Walters
Centre Half: K. McKen
Left Half: W. Ricketts
Outside Right: D. Smith
Inside Right: L. Alcock
Centre Forward: C. McMorris
Inside Left: G. Allen (Capt.)
Outside Left: V. Coy

Reserves: V. Delgado, S. LaBeach, S. Bayliss

Referee: F. O. Romney

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