To-day It's Melbourne's Turn To Face Trinidad

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

With Melbourne providing the opposition this afternoon at Sabina Park to Trinidad in the eighth match of their programme, the curtain is almost on the verge of coming down on the current Intercolonial Tournament, as after this there will be only the last Colony Match, now more than ever interesting because of the result of Saturday's fourth Trinidad can still save the "rubber."

The margin of victory had been so narrow in the two matches Jamaica had previously won that last Saturday's 2-1 win for Trinidad should have caused little surprise. We might have demonstrated to be the better side technically in all previous games, but there was very little difference in strength.


Trinidad probably played their most effective forward line of the tour. Gerry Gomez's constructive work at inside-right was seen at its best and they tried shooting more frequently from outside the penalty area then originally. Carlton Lewis who if he overdid his "cutting-in" tactics and so was often out of a position for the winging pass, was a constant nuisance to the Jamaica defence in this respect.


Malcolm McLean further demonstrated himself to be the most consistent player of the tourists, and that's saying a lot considering the brilliant Syl Dopson, who again was a veritable trojan on the backline. McLean demonstrated his versatility by being well at home at left-half when he was transferred to that position following the big Ian Seale ("Big Chief" as the crowd calls him) pulling a muscle in the second half and having to leave the field for sometime. Seale returned to finish up the game at outside-left whilst another versatile player, Andy Ganteaume, was moved back to right-half. Prior Jones intercepted and distributed well at centre-half.

Trinidad's team for this match was: Gonsalves; Huggins, Dopson; McLean, Jones, Seale; Lewis, Gomez, Galt, Ganteaume, Lynch.


The Selectors, who had not been doing a bad job before, made their biggest blunder by shifting Bayliss to inside-right in place of Lester Alcock. Jamaica's inside-forwards could never have been more disorganized. Even though he scored his fourth successive goal against the visitors, McMorris played at his worse to date. Our wingers, if they still could have been more discreet in their kicking according to the range, had the ball in front of Trinidad's goal almost as often as there were opportunities.

Our defence was at its poorest so far; really only Jamaica's most consistent player of the series and our best of the day, Keith McKen, stood between Trinidad and a wider margin of victory.


Today, Saturday's conquerors will run up against the strongest club of the team of the day—Melbourne's side including five players who have already played against them. The local team will be defending the standard of Senior League football as the champions. A fast side, Trinidad should have no easy task on their hands today.

The Hon. W. A. Bustamante, Minister of Communications and Jamaica's Labour Leader, will be the special guest to whom the teams will be presented.


Goal: A.S. Dujon
Right-Back: A.U. Dujon
Left-back: W. Robinson
Right-half: S. Bayliss
Centre-half: L.K. Brown
Left-half: C. McLean
Outside-right: D. Beek
Inside-right: D. Smith (Capt.)
Centre-forward: S. LaBeach
Inside-left: C. Alexander
Outside-left: V. Coy
Referee: J.M. Groves.