Ian M. Sloane Seale

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

U.B.O. And Trinidad

Sheet anchor of the visiting Trinidad Football XI, this powerfully built half back has caught the fancy of the Jamaican crowd with his stellar play.

Seale, playing at left half, does not 'stick' the inside left as his Jamaican counterpart does, but roves between inside left and outside left and even give his captain Prior Jones, at centre-half assistance with the centre-forward sometimes. For this arduous roving work, Seale is admirably fitted by Nature.

Born on the 17th October, 1926, at San Fernando, Seale who is of Chinese extraction learned his early football at Naparima College, San Fernando. When only 13, he was playing his first first-class match.

He as a kick in both feet and can play anywhere on the field but has a marked preference for the half line.

Last year Seale journeyed with his Colony's team to B.G. and due to his fine work on that tour, he was a first-pick for the current tour. And the Jamaican crowd has fallen in love with this 6'1" of Trinidadian skill and geniality.