Band Programmes At Football Matches

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

One phase of the football tournament between Jamaica and Trinidad taking place at Sabina Park on which there is unanimous agreement and approval is the enjoyable programmes of music rendered before the start of the games and during half-time by the Jamaica Military Band under Captain Jones, and the Alpha Band, under bandmaster Delgado.

The former are ntoed for their fame as a Band, and it is taken for granted that they must please. The latter, the majority of them boys under 16 years of age have been maintaining the reputation built up during the past few decades by giving a good account of themselves.

A pleasing feature about the youngsters is the serious manner in which they apply themselves to the job in hand — not a few listeners being heard making favourable and even affectionate comments about the music produced by children for the most part.

The large gathering each afternoon show their appreciation of the Band programmes despite the excitement of the occasion, the tense period of waiting on the kick-off and visualising the outcome of the struggle.

Six matches have been played so far—the Military Band pleasing on two afternoons and the Alpha lads on four. They will be on again for the match on Monday next, between Trinidad and Melbourne. The fourth Inter-Colony match will be played this afternoon, when we look forward to the popular Regimental in their Zouave outfit.

Incidentally, it is understood that Station Manager Denis Gick is putting the Alpha Band on the air on or about Wednesday night, February 5. Fine!