Sports Editor's Diary

L. D. Roberts
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

We must fall in line

SOCCER IN JAMAICA should be benefited to a great extent by the lessons learnt on the recent CFA tour, of Surinam. All seventeen players, who made the trip, and their manager Eric James, have complained about the exacting requirements of 90-minute games in Surinam. As from next season we should begin to play 90-minute matches in the AIC final, City play-off, quarter-finals upward of the KO competitions.

Perhaps it would be too much to ask at the outset to have all League games of 90-minute duration. But the plain fact is that since the object of the CFA is to put Caribbean soccer on an international level we must begin right now to get our players accustomed to 90-minute games.

The CFA hopes to take a team touring Europe in 1953 and by then our players must be put through an extensive physical training programme besides the actual experience of competitive games over the longer period.