Soccer tour: powerful Carib team coming

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

THE BEST PLAYERS in Caribbean soccer will begin arriving on Saturday night to begin the historic tournament with Jamaica from February 18 to March 1. Here are notes on five members of the powerful invading team.

Allan Joseph (Trinidad) centre half:

Born 21st July 1919. Started his career in first division football in 1936. He played in Trinidad until 1945 and then left for Caracas, Venezuela, where he played for "Certio Athletico", top-ranking Venezuela team, at inside left. In 1947 he was coached in Caracas for centre half position, and played for Caracas against a visiting Dutch team. Returned to Trinidad in 1948, captained Maple to win the first Division League Shield in 1950 and 1951. He represented Trinidad at centre half from 1948 up to the recent series in Guadeloupe, playing twenty-one consecutive test games in representative football since 1948.

His positional play is one of his strong points. He makes himself the link between attack and defence, occupying such a position in mid-field that he is always ready to set the forwards on the move.

Jacques Banguillot (Guadeloupe) inside forward:

A clever inside forward, with a sound knowledge of the game. Represented Guadeloupe several times. Jacques combines artistry of foot work with a punch that makes him a player to be feared.

Andre Dieudonne (Haiti) full back:

Diendonne (Haiti) full back:

Age 25—can play right or left back, and centre half. International matches, Jamaica, Trinidad, Aruba, Curacao, Guatemala, Guadeloupe, was selected in Cuba against Botafogo (Brazil) and Leones (Mexico).

Yvon Dorceans (Haiti) half back:

Age 25—left half or right half—International matches, Jamaica, Trinidad, Guadeloupe, Aruba, Guatemala, Cuba and Martinique.

Paul Desrosiers (Haiti) left wing:

Age 22—a versatile player, can play in any position in the forward line with equal efficiency.

Andre Vieux (Haiti) right wing:

Age 24—International matches, Jamaica, Guatemala, Aruba. Has played in Cuba, was also selected against Botafogo and Leones de Mexico. A very versatile and brilliant player. He specialises at outside right.