Who Shall Defend Against Trinidad In Second "Test"?

Ken Hill
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Team Suggested For Saturday's Match: Words Of Advice

Captain Wilkinson and his men from Trinidad have my hearty congratulations for their defeat of Jamaica in the first " test" match. It was a bitter pill to swallow for those of us who had set our minds on Jamaica coming through.

Trinidad, by now, must be well aware, however how we in Jamaica take our reverses. If assurance of that were needed, the great ovation given the victorious team, leaving the field after the match, would have been sufficient proof of our philosophy: "To-day for you—to-morrow for us."


I hope the the Football Council, especially their Selection Committee, will appreciate the fact that so long as they put the very best team available in the field and only the very best, the public will find it a pleasure to give them every possible support. Not otherwise. verb. sap. sat.

And as for the players selected for these "tests": may I remind them, if it be necessary of the signal honour it is for them to defend
the reputation of Jamaica, so that each man has a personal duty toward the team?

So long as they play the game as best they can, so long as they give unselfishly all they are capable of giving, Jamaica shall have to regret, and shall be proud of them, whether we win or we lose.

For the second "test" on Saturday, my choice is as follows:—

Goal: Groves. Backs: D. Peter, "Pinkie" Smith. Halves: L. Parke, J. Sinclair, Wylie Lopez. Forwards: J. Briggs, A. Sasso, H. DaCosta, Capt. Harvey, A. E. McKenzie. Reserves: L. Scott, Hadden, Hendricks, Scott (Munro), DeLeon.

One last word. Let us have our best team and nothing but out best for the remaining "tests."