Jamaica cognizant of great honour

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Jamaica Gleaner

Public cognizance of the great honour paid to Jamaica in being accepted as the testing ground of an experiment in Caribbean soccer was made by JFA president Granville daCosta on Wednesday night last.

The occasion was a dinner given by the Council of the Jamaica Football Association at Courtleigh Manor Hotel in hour of the Caribbean soccer stars now playing in a six-game tournament at Sabina Park.

Tracing the growth of the idea of placing Caribbean soccer on a unified basis to the practical start now made, Mr. daCosta offered the opinion that the future looked rosy with Commander Charles Hayward as CFA president and Mr. Eric James "who had done more for Caribbean soccer than any other man" as secretary.

He also pain tribute to the member bodies of the CFA and to the local Press and in particular the Gleaner for the signal service it is doing for sports.

The 'tremendous work which Mr. Harry Walker JFA secretary had done for local soccer and in making arrangements for the current Caribbean tourney' was lauded.

Special mention was made of "the delightful football seen in the two games so far played in the tournament."

Just before sitting down Mr. daCosta asked Hon. Donald Sangster to use his influence in getting the present Government to help the local clubs to rehabilitate themselves after the disaster of the recent hurricane.

Commander Hayward made a short speech in which he said "this is for me a wonderful occasion. It is great when anyone sees a dream come true."

Expressing confidence in the future of Caribbean football Commander Hayward said he has cancelled his plans and will be remaining to see the first Test on Saturday, when he hoped the better team will win.

Dr. Hendrik Van Ommeren Surinam delegate to the CFA conference and Sir George Semour Seymour, to whom Mr. daCosta offered the congratulations of the JFA on his being elevated to the Knighthood supported the idea of a united Caribbean approach to soccer. Mr. Evon Blake replied to the encomiums directed at the local press.

[photo caption]

COMMANDER CHARLES HAYWARD, president of the Caribbean Football Association, is seen speaking at the dinner given by the JFA in honour of the Caribbean All-Stars team on Wednesday night last at the Courtleigh Manor Hotel. At the head table (L to R) are Mr. Evon Blake, publisher of Spotlight magazine; Senor Gusta vus Tolentino, Dominican Consul General, Hon. Donald Sangster, Minister for Social Services; Mr . A. D. Soutar, 1st vice-president JFA; Commander Hayward, Mr. G. M. daCosta, JFA president; Sir George Seymour-Seymour, Mr. Winston Meeks, JFA 2nd vice-president, Dr. Hendrik Van Ommeron, Surinam CFA delegate and Mr. Eric James, CFA secretary. At left (facing camera) is Jamaica captain Dudley Smith.