Hayward Here on Caribbean Football Federation Mission

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Commander Charles Hayward, M.B.E.Com. Charles Hayward

HERE TO CONFER with officials of the Jamaica Football Association on the formation of a Football Federation in the Caribbean, is Commander Charles Hayward, M.B.E., President of the Trinidad Amateur Football Association. He arrived yesterday by Pan American Clipper from Port-au-Prince, Haiti and will be here for a few days.

The Commander had also visited Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic on his Federation mission.

While here he will hold talks with Mr. G.M. daCosta, president Jamaica Football Association, and other officials in connection with the scheme.

This is only one of Commander Hayward's many excursions to Jamaica and actually his second for the year. On his first visit here in 1947 he donated the Hayward Shield to the JFA for competition between Jamaica and visiting countries in international matches.

Jamaica, incidentally, have not lost a tournament at home since the Hayward Shield has been presented, and one of the tournaments was against the Commander's own colony, Trinidad, last year.

Always a strong advocate for a board for British West Indies football to be formed on the basis of the West Indies Cricket Board of Control, Mr. Hayward seems to have gone further afield now—that is, a Federation for the soccer playing countries, British or otherwise, in the Caribbean.

No doubt he has been investigating the possibilities of such a body, and before he leaves Jamaica the Gleaner hopes to obtain more about the scheme.