Mailbox: Not Politics

Winston Dawes
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


I have noted the CANA report which has appeared in the Gleaner today 20/8/84. I wish to categorically state that at no time did I claim that politics caused us to withdraw from the CONCACAF Juvenile Tournament.

The facts are that we withdrew from the tournament and received the automatic fine. Both Suriname and ourselves appealed the fine. Suriname stated that because of the poor performance of their Juvenile team in the CFU tournament held in Suriname this year the Minister of Education fired their coach and stated that they would not be sending a team to Trinidad. Mr. Terrazas stated that politics was not a force majeure. Our case was that we had inherited a bankrupt organisation only two months before the tournament and were thus unable to raise the One Hundred Thousand dollars which would have been necessary for Jamaica to take part in the tournament. They sympathised with us, but, stated that football was concerned with organisations and not with individuals and hence the fine would stand.

Mr. Jack Warner and Trinidad and Tobago Football Association have forgiven Suriname the 75% of the fine which Trinidad and Tobago Football Association is due. Jamaica also will be forgiven provided that we pay of outstanding debts totalling more than US$4,000 to Mr. Warner and to Trinidad and Tobago Football Association. These debts were incurred when Jamaica hosted the CFU tournament in December 1982. The referees who took part in the tournament were not paid and Mr. Warner kindly assisted Jamaica by paying these fees. He claimed that he was unable to collect on these debts and thus would not forgive Jamaica until we had made good on these previous debts.

The misunderstanding in the CANA report may have been due to translation problems of what Mr. Terrazas said. I am also sending a statement to the Trinidad Guardian which also carried this false report.

I am etc.,
Dr. Winston Dawes
President Jamaica Football Association
32 Hagley Park Road, Kingston 10
August 20, 1984