Kingston Club Beat Trinidad 1-0 At Sabina Pk. Yesterday

G. St. C. Scotter
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Jamaica Gleaner

Losers Did Not Use Some Of Their Best Men.
Home Side Dominated Most Of The Play.
But Threw Away Many Scoring Chances.
Second Half Was Kingston's.

For Once They LoseFor Once They Lose: Our popular invaders who lost their first match of the tour against the Kingston Club yesterday. Back row (l to r) Jones, Ambard, Galt; centre row: B. Henderson, Wilkes, Wilkinson; front row: Burnett, Sutherland, Alkins, Thompson, Payne.

TRINIDAD RECEIVED A PAT from the Tiger's paw yesterday at Sabina, when the Kingston Club side outplayed them to win one nil in the first game the visitors have lost since they came to the island; and, at that, Kingston missed a dozen opportunities of scoring.

That, however, is nothing new, in fact one can always rely on it with Jamaica forwards of the past two or three seasons, and, to counter-balance this it must be clearly borne in ming that the visitors put out the weakest side they have got here.

They did not play Maynard, Merry, Tench and L. Henderson, perhaps the four best men they have in the different departments of the game, and put in their four substitutes, Jones, Galt (at back this time), Wilkes and Thompson.

Twenty Great Minutes

Regardless of the comparative strength of the two sides, the first twenty minutes of play provided the most thrilling football seen in the tour so far, both sides playing at a great pace and both playing chances which were only averted by brilliant saves by the two goalies or diverted by wild shooting by the forwards. Kingston started first, running up nicely on the right wing, and a good centre by DaCosta left Alty Sasso in the area with a longish shot which he had to take in a hurry. Alty sent in a fast one which just flashed past the post. Attacking again, Kingston swept down into the area, only to be pulled up by over-eagerness on the part of Sasso, who got offside.

Replying to this Trinidad stages a right wing movement which resulted in Alkins driving outside the post.

Then came on fo the great thrills of the match, from a good pass by Marley, Kinkead sent over a nice centre to Alty who was finely positioned about five yards from the goal line; with the defence in front of him, Alty sized up that the only thing was a first-timer and took a terrific shot with his left before the ball hit the ground. It looked like a dead certain goal but Ambard moving like lightening, pulled it down with one hand and cleared it—one of the greatest saves I have ever seen.

Then came another save almost as good at the other end; from a nice long drop kick over into goal by Wilkinson, Sutherland sent forward a fast pass; Cecil Marley going to intercept misskicked and deflected the ball right into the goal; Barber keeping for Kingston had hardly a second to realize the mistake and act, but nevertheless managed to stop the ball right on the line. Coming in the Trinidad forwards tackled him strongly and it looked as if he might have been barged over the line, but Mike Hanna promptly, and rightly, blew for tackling the goalie.

Kingston's Goal

After this for the rest of the first half exchanges were largely confined to midfield play, with Kingston's two wing halves, Lopez and Parke, playing a great game for their side, and Jones at right back doing some very fine tackling to keep the Jamaica line out of the danger zone.

Just before half time, however, Kingston got another fine opportunity, Alty Sasso and DaCosta, who were working together in great style taking the ball down the right wing to force a corner. Ambard fisted the ball out in fine style but Parke kicked it up and sent over a grand kick to the left corner of the goal; Captain Harvey rushing up headed just outside the post.

After the resumption at half time the Tigers going down the hill continued to attack in great style and completely dominated play for this half, the Trinidad forward line for once being outpaced by their opponents.

Passailaigue drove over the top then a combined attack by Sasso and DaCosta was stopped by another fine save by Ambard; then came the only goal of the match.

From another right wing movement, where Sasso was working like a Trojan, the ball was beautifully centred by Huntley DaCosta and went to Willie Passailaigue in practically the perfect position for him, left foot, just inside the area, and enough time to steady it, under these conditions Willie has never been known to miss, and he drove a shot right into the top corner of the net which would have beaten any goalie in the world. After this Kingston had three or four more chances, but could not keep the ball down; at the other end Alkins tried a pretty first-timer only to be well anticipated by Barber, and the game ended with the Tigers one up to register Trinidad's first defeat.

For Kingston Wylie Lopez played the best game of any man on the field, with Parke little behind him; Alty Sasso's work in occupying the defence was invaluable and he had the hardest luck not to score at least two; Barber in goal gave a brilliant display as did Ambard at the other end to whom honours for Trinidad went in this match, otherwise for the visitors the forwards were not as good as usual, like Jones, Wilkinson and B. Henderson all worked hard and well.

G. St. C. Scotter

The Attendance

The attendance at this match was not so large but it was nevertheless a most enthusiastic and sporting gathering that saw Trinidad lose the first match of the series.

Kingston's supporters, impatient of victory as apparently easy opportunities for scoring were missed by the "Tigers'" front line, broke forth into lusty, organised cheering in the closing stages of play.

And when the winning goal was netted, their joy knew no bounds.

Players Presented

Before the match was started, the members of both teams were presented to Sir William Morrison and Sir Charles Doorly.

Governor Present

Some of those who witnessed the game were His Excellency Sir Edward Denham and Lady Denham, who, accompanied by Commander Rushbrooke, Private Secretary to His Excellency, saw a part of the play, having come direct from the races at Knutsford Park; Sir William Morrison, Sir Charles Doorly, Brigadier Langhorne, General Officer Commanding; Messrs. A. Noel Crosswell, Lindsay Downer, Owen Samuel, Michael deCordova, Frank E. Lyons, C. C. Sandford, E. M. Lord, D. J. Judah, S. R. Braithwaite, Major W. H. Plant, Mr. W. J. Palmer, President Jamaica Football Association; Mr. Leslie Mordecai, vice-president Jamaica Football Association; Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. K. Cameron, Dr. L. M. Clark and Mr. J. Howe.