T&T Beats Colombia

Marc Purcell
Date Published: 

Trinidad and Tobago defeated Colombia by 4-3 last night in Miami. The game was used as a launching for the World Cup campaign starting next year.

The win pushes T&T's record to 8 wins and 0 loses. In that time T&T has beaten three World Cup finalist qualifiers and has scored 26 goals and conceded just six. The win is T&T's second victory on US soil in four years. The last time it was a 3-1 victory versus Honduras in the Gold Cup. In that game Stern John scored two goals.

For Colombia the game is a minor setback. Of more concern to the Colombians is the four goals that they conceded. In 19 years Colombia has allowed four goals in a game only twice. Colombia fell 4-1 to Poland in 1980 and 4-1 to Chile in 1997 during the last World Cup qualifiers. El Tiempo, the leading Colombian newspaper said that the Colombian defense had basically let the T&T walk into "the shop." They said that the game would have been worse for Colombia had Dwight Yorke played.

Great Disservice

The game was played without Dwight Yorke and Russell Latapy. They decided to bow to club pressure and remain with there respective clubs for this weekend's encounters. Their actions beg the question: what is their commitment to T&T football?

The last time I checked, Jamaica had all of it's foreign based players back for there encounter versus the USA last night and most of them back for there game versus Canada last week. The players used this opportunity to improve there cohesion. Jamaica got the most out of there foreign based players who up to three years ago were virtual no names to the fans of Jamaica.

One great example is Marcus Gayle the talented Wimbleton midfielder. He used the Euro 2000 qualifying break to play for Jamaica not only for the game last night but for the two game series. Gayle is extremely important to Wimbleton and they too have important fixtures this season. However, he showed where his commitment lay and that was getting Jamaica into the next World Cup.

The excuse used by Yorke and Latapy boarders on ridiculous. Both players did there country a great disservice last night. Even though Trinidad and Tobago won the game, the integration of the team was greatly compromised. That failure to integrate was one of the key problems T&T had during the last World Cup qualifiers.

The next time that T&T plays will be versus Jamaica in Kingston on October 2nd. Lets hope that these two players will suit up and give the Reggaeboyz a run for there money.