3rd Colony Match Tomorrow: Selection Puzzling JFA.

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Jamaica Gleaner


The Third Colony match of the current Intercolonial Football Tournament with Trinidad will be played tomorrow afternoon at Sabina Park. It is a game, the result of which mean much to either side particularly so to the tourists with Jamaica being one up in the series.

Both teams are expected to make changes in the sides which played in the second match on Saturday, and probably for once the local Selectors are uncertain of the exact changes they should make in the Jamaica side.

It is, however, interesting to note that despite the impressive football of Lucas, as compared to that of their opponents yesterday, the Selectors have not included any new player from that club in the fifteen from which the final team will be selected either this afternoon or tomorrow.


The fifteen given in alphabetical order, are:

G. Allen, L. Alcock, D. Bayliss, V. Delgado, Aimsley Dujon (back), Arthur Dujon (goalkeeper), D. Hollingshead, S. LaBeach, K. McKen, Arthur McLean, C. S. McMorris, W. Ricketts, H. Shakespeare, D. Smith, H. Walters.

These players are requested to report to the Chairman of the Selection Committee (Mr. D. Matthews) at Sabina Park, this afternoon, at 5.00 o'clock, and to meet the J.F.A. Council at 6.00 o'clock at the same place.


It is expected that the policy of examining all players the evening previous to each "Test" will be adhered, so that there is every assurance of a physically fit side taking the field. Most doubtful starter at the moment is Arthur McLean, goalkeeper in the first two matches, who
got injured in Saturday's game. Arthur Dujon is the logical substitute.

If Ricketts should be well, then he should be the only other change in the defence, as I would like to see him in place of Bayliss.

On the face of the players invited then, it seems that the Selectors intend sticking to the same forward line that won the last match.

Trinidad will be practising early today before the J.K.O. final and might not decide on their team until tomorrow morning.

Referee for the match will be G/S/M Lovell, and linesmen J. M. Groves and P. Chevannes.

The teams will be introduced to Brigadier Julian Jefferson, Officer Commanding the North Caribbean Area.