Trinidad Clash With Lucas Today

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Jamaica Gleaner

Suggests Holt Put In At Outside Left For Hollingshead

FIFTH OF THE nine-match programme of the current Intercolonial Football Tournament will be played this afternoon when the visiting Trinidad team will meet Lucas, Senior League runners-up and 1945-46 Senior Knockout Cup holders, at Sabina Park.

This will be a welcome diversion for the tourists, following the two preceding nerve-racking "Test" Matches, Jamaica winning that on Saturday after a close game in which the run of play was practically the direct reverse of the first match on Wednesday.

In the goalless draw of that day Jamaica should easily have won by demonstrating that they were the superior side. On Saturday Trinidad might not have gained the ascendancy in like fashion as we did on the first occasion—because for one thing the standard of the football was comparably indifferent—but they had sufficient of the play, particularly in the first half when they were all over us, to have won instead of losing 2-1, as they did.

If any of the three "Tests" should be played similarly Saturday's result is one that the visitors can easily reverse. It seems, that although Jamaica is one up, this "rubber" might not be decided until the very last match.


Jamaica have more reason to be satisfied with their two changes from first team, than Trinidad with their three. Dudley Smith was really given little to do in the first half, and we never became dangerous to the Trinidad goal until we shifted our attack to the right. He played generally well, if McMorris only redeemed himself with that first winning goal of his.

We still have to make other changes, however, and may be another two. Bayliss cannot really adopt himself to the left-half position, and if Waldy Ricketts' injury has healed he should be brought in for Wednesday's match. Hollingshead, too, just cannot be himself; he played even worse on Saturday than in the first game.

But whom can we bring into his place, as it is common knowledge that there is a dearth of left-wingers in our football today. Probably, we may juggle with an inside-man out there as we are doing with Smith at the outside position. Probably after this afternoon's match depending on the game he turns in, the Selectors might contemplate the idea of trying J.K. Holt Jnr. there as he will be then in a position in which he will have more scope to play his natural game.


On the Trinidad side Huggins was no Simmonds, and Jeff Stollmeyer's foot has again gone and win not be available for further participation in the tour. It happened in the Cricket
tour, too.

Lucas field their best side this afternoon and George Prescod's game at left-back might come in for special attention from the Selectors as Vernon Delgado is still a problem.

Despite failing to "bag" a trophy this season Lucas' season's match record has made them probably the most balanced club side of the day, and I feel certain that they will give a good account of themselves today.

The teams will be presented to Mr. N. W. Manley, K.C., before the kick-off.

Following is the Lucas line-up:—

Goal: A. T. McLean (Capt.); Right-Back: A. Henny, Left-Back: G. Prescod; Right-Half: G. Hay, Centre-Half: K. McKen, Left-Half: K. H. Weekes, Outside-Right: Alvin McLean, Inside-Right: J. K. Holt, Jnr., Centre-Forward: O. Mason, Inside-Left: P. Williams, Outside-Left: Clovis McLean.
Reserves: D. Rhino, Joe Prescod.
Referee: G/S/M Lovell.
Linesmen: J. Fullerton, and A. E. Powell.