Very Poor Shooting And Joey Gonsalves

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


WILL THE current Jamaica-Trinidad Intercolonial Football Tournament be a repetition of that of 1935-36? That is the burning question uppermost in the minds of most of those who saw the last tournament and on seeing the first Colony Match at Sabina Park on Wednesday afternoon.

But poor shooting was not only the reason for our losing. Every credit must be given to Joey Gonsalves, whose anticipation was almost uncanny on Wednesday, particularly in following every move of Alcock as the latter manoeuvred himself into position for his subsequent hard left-foot shot hardly five yards out in the first half. When Gonsalves stopped the ball standing almost on his side, so to speak, the most surprised man was Alcock. He was still wondering over it long after the match. John Simmonds also turned in a game at left-back that was not expected of him.


But now we have seen how costly it is playing Alcock out of his position after he has been schooled for years at inside-left, we wonder if the Selectors would not on Saturday play him in his true position. I think an accomplished player as George Allen could quicker adapt himself at inside-right than did Alcock on Wednesday.

Playing out of position, too, has been, I think, Holt's greatest handicap this season. From his schooldays Holt built his game on getting the ball, working it and making the openings for others, yet capable of getting up there to shoot as many goals as most other forwards in local competitive football.

This season he has been called upon to play constantly not merely as a centre-forward, but in the W Plan, which calls for him to wait up there for the passes to come. This dependence on others to do the work, has, I think, done his football more harm than good. However, he is a young man and has plenty of time to redeem himself. He not be ignored.

I understand that C. S. McMorris will be brought in at centre for this player, who for years has been acclaimed Jamaica's cleverest footballer. Another anticipated change is Dudley Smith for Noel Hall at outside-right. We hope Hollingshead will be even more in the game Saturday.