Caribbean Newsletter: Broadsides

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

TRINIDAD'S NO. 1 FOOTBALLER, Everard Cummings is back in the United States, where he plays professionally for New York Cosmos, after hurling verbal broadsides at Trinidad football administrators.

Twenty-four-year-old Cummings who made his debut as a National player at the age of 15, was brought home by the Trinidad Football Association to appear in the ill-fated Independence Celebration match between Brazillian glamour team Santos and the National squad.

He stayed on to play for his club in the National championship series and a number of inter-league and other classics.

He was asked to extend his stay so that he would be available for the World Cup preliminaries and he accepted the invitation. But some days before decided to leave for New York, he was dropped from the North Trinidad team for an inter-league fixture.

Cummings, who has had running battles with former TFA President Phil Douglin, accused Douglin, now vice-President, of making insulting remarks at Cummings during a North South match.

Cummings declared the administration was more concerned with gates money than with the welfare of the footballers who draw the crowds and called on the established Trinidad players to demand money for appearances at first class matches.

Cummings admitted that he did not give 100 per cent of himself during recent matches "... because if I suffered injury in any of the matches, the Association would not feel itself responsible and my future as a professional would be in jeopardy."

Cummings, who is hailed as "the most valuable player in the New York Professional League," helped Cosmos to win this year's championship. He has signed a new contract with the club.