Jack Plans For T&T

Marc Purcell
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Coming soon to a stadium near you, the Trinidad and Tobago senior team. Trinidad and Tobago will play Colombia and El Salvador on September 4th and 8th at Giant's stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. This was part of the plan outlined by Fifa Vice President Jack Warner in order for T&T to qualify for the World Cup in 2002. In addition to that the senior team will play up to 12 international games per year until qualification for the World Cup.

Warner made the remarks at a brunch to celebrate the national team's success in the recent Cope Caribe. During the presentation a check for US$80,000 for winning the tournament. The players were also presented with their match fees and bonuses ranging from $18,000 to $25,000.

Warner budgeted TT$25 million over the three years for Trinidad and Tobago's world cup campaign. He stated: "We are no longer going begging cap in hand to corporate T&T. We have had enough." He along with Clico, BWIA, Errea Sportsware and Select Sports formed a partnership that will contribute $15 million with the rest coming from the Government. All the teams expenses will be managed by FCOTT.

Along with the sponsorship package, Warner called for:
i) A rent free, fully furnished house for the national coach.
ii) Reduction of the rental fee of the Hasley Crawford stadium.
iii) The lease of the Petrotrin ground and facilities for the team's training.

The call for sponsors was also echoed by Prime Minister Basdeo Panday. He stated that: "We often lament the fact that our corporate citizens, in the main, to reserve their backing for teams and individuals who have already 'made it.' That's a great pity."

Camps or money walks.

Talk about the kick in the teeth that everyone was expecting. Warner said that the TTFF president must stay. This was in response to comments made by former national captain David Nahkid, who late last week called for the president to quit.

The Fifa vice president stated that as long as Camps was the president, he will continue to place his resources behind him.

"I shall put all my resources in local football under your presidency. Nothing has changed since I said so four years ago and nothing will," Warner declared.

Yorke commits for 2002

Dwight Yorke has gone on record to state that he is there for T&T when they kick off there 2002 qualifying next year.

Yorke back in Trinidad for a brief rest stated this at a reception held for the national senior team at the prime minister's residence in St. Anns. Yorke stated: "My commitment to the national team has always been the same...I've always said before, if I'm called up and the situation is right for both parties, then I'm always available."

Yorke will most likely play for T&T in the Gold Cup and World Cup qualifiers next year. The technical team is looking forward to unleashing the strike force of Stern John and Dwight Yorke. Fans can't wait.

St. Clair gets support

Former Brazil national coach Carlos Alberto Parreira has thrown his support behind national team head coach Bertile St. Clair.

This message was revealed to St. Clair by national's men head coach Jamal Shabazz. Shabazz told the Trinidad Express: "Parreira truly believes that Bertile can take us to the World Cup... (Parreira) has seen St. Clair in action before and the two of them had also exchanged ideas on the game and Parreira had come to respect Bertille's capabilities as a coach."

The two coaches have butted heads before when Trinidad and Tobago made World Cup qualifiers Saudi Arabia lead by Parreira, struggle to a 2-1 win last year in France.

National team manager Richard Braithwaite also echoed those sentiments. He said the coach who lead Brazil to the 1994 World Cup, was very impressed with that performance, the teams skill and St. Claire's tactics.

St. Clair has also received the endorsement of Manchester United's boss Alex Ferguson after a month long stint at Old Tradford last year.