T&T Wins Cope

Marc Purcell
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Trinidad and Tobago walked away with there seventh championship on Sunday. A goal in the 119th minute sealed a 2-1 victory over Cuba in front of a disappointing crowd of 4,500.

The win gives T&T a place in next years Gold Cup. Also, the Calypso Boys regain the cup they lost to Jamaica last year and continue there winning streak at seven games. You can view the results by going to game and schedule information.

Rougier angry at organizers

National team captain Tony Rougier has slammed the organizers of this year's tournament. He made those comments during the celebrations with his team mates after the game on Sunday. "It was horrible. I thought it was absolutely dismal and I feel this way especially as I'm a countryman," Rougier told the Trinidad Guardian.

"We are asking countries to come from abroad and play here and I expected it to be a really big occasion. Probably things were not organized well but still you can't wait until the teams arrive to get things in order," he said. "Things such as T&T coming out in blue socks (against Haiti in the semi-finals), lights going out at the stadium, Haiti unable to get a dressing room. I mean it was absolute crazy and we've got to sort things out soon, If we want to remain leaders in the Caribbean and become so in the world to some extent, then major improvement is required," he said.

"We are without a doubt the leading football nation in the Caribbean but we've got to teach the smaller islands the right way and the way we staged this tournament was a bad example. We've got everything but we just have to do things the right way from here on," Rougier added.

Trinidad and Tobago to play more games.

Finally God has heard the prayers of many T&T football fans. The Calypso boys are not going to sit on there hands like previous years. The senior team will play Colombia in September, Costa Rica in October and embark on a Central American tour in December.

Both Dwight Yorke and Shaka Hislop have indicated that they will be available for next year's Gold Cup. The tournament will take place in Miami, San Diego and Los Angeles from February 12th-27th.

Dwight Yorke signed a sponsorship deal with Nike this week that will see him receive £5,000 for every goal he scores next season.

In the shooting range...

Stern John started for Columbus last night versus New England. The Crew defeated the Revolution 2-1 via a shutout.

Some of you may be wondering what is wrong with John. Why is he not scoring like last year. My opinion is that there are two reasons for this. First John has found himself marked more tightly than last year. Secondly, John is not happy with the Crew. Remember two years ago when he started his professional career with the Carolina Dynamo of the A-League? A unhappy John could not find the back of the net then a trade to New Orleans brought out the Stern John of old. In other words, a happy John gets you the goals you want.

It was only a matter a time before Mickey Trotman found himself out of a job in the MLS. The Miami Fusion released Trotman after the player was released by Dallas earlier this year.

Trotman is the victim of marketing than playing ability. It would be much easier for Trotman to change his name to Miguel Torrez and take up Costa Rican citizenship in order to maintain a job in the MLS. However, all is not lost for Trotman there are two MLS teams interested in his services, which goes to prove that all that matters is how you play the game.