Trinidad, Superior, Beat The 'Dragons' 4-2

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Jamaica Gleaner

Losers Miss Chance To Make Score 3-3

Trinidad (4) Lynch, 2; Galt and Baird.
St. George's Old Boys, (2) Best and McMorris.

TRINIDAD came through again the winners in the second match of the inter-colonial football tournament which was played yesterday afternoon at Sabina Park, playing against the St. George's College Old Boys; and the wide margin of four goals to two, by which they won is quite a true index of their superiority.

Trinidad had things pretty easily all along and up to the point where the Old Boys scored their first goal. This came about late in the second half of play, and from then on there was lively playing on both sides. Trinidad succeeded in increasing the lead within a couple of minutes to full time to win by two clear goals.

Again in this match Trinidad got the first run down of the field, and, again, they opened up forcefully carrying the fight to their rivals' end of the field and kept dangling around with the ball in almost full control for quite some time.

Then the Old Boys managed to waive the pressure and went upfield. But it was stiff work keeping the ball; for, both sides found ball control difficult as both ball and field could not be advantageously managed due to the drizzling rain. Then, too, it was difficult to break through the first line of Trinidad's defence as Seale, who substituted Prior Jones as Centre Half, was a problem of no mean order.

However, the Old Boys got there all right, but their stay was not for long, and with the return of Trinidad's offensive came their first goal, the result of the backs of the Old Boys jostling against each for possession almost in front of goal. Galt seized his fiest opportunity which he netted with a fine medium height cross shot.


Trinidad did not give the Old Boys a chance to settle down on the resumption, for, at the kick-off, they took the ball upfield and opened an early attack. It was a very harassing beginning for the Old Boys who were thrown on the defensive until, inside a couple of minutes of the opening of this half, Trinidad's inside right, Baird, netted his team's second goal. The third was not long in coming. Lynch, outside left winger, getting possession and, cutting in nicely, placed a 'beauty'.

Not by any means daunted by the overwhelming lead of three goals against them, the Old Boys kept on hopefully. They tried a re-shuffling of positions among the forwards. Hall from outside right to inside left, and Best from in to out.

From one of their strenuous endeavours, the Old Boys, manoeuvring themselves nicely, McKenzie got possession and before he was dispossessed he centred to Best who ran across well and scored.

Again the Old Boys pressed down and for a brisk spell the fight was waged in the territories of Trinidad. . . a shot was sent in, the goalie dived, missed and McMorris, centre forward of the Old Boys, annexed the second goal for his side.

The Old Boys fought gamely to effect a draw. They actually got the opportunity, but failed. It looked then as if Trinidad would be the winners by the odd goal in three when Lynch's second chance came, and he scored to give his side the decisive victory of four goals to two.

E. S. Barber handled the match very efficiently.


The Jamaica Football XI and reserves are requested to report to the Chairman of the Selection Committee at Sabina Park at 5 p.m. today.

The Hayward Shield

The five Colony Matches in connection with the current Trinidad football tour will be played for the Hayward Shield, which is instituted for competition between Jamaica and any overseas team playing in Jamaica.

The Shield was donated to the Jamaica Football Association by Commander Charles Hayward, M.B.H., President of the Trinidad Amateur Football Association for such a purpose, and appropriately his country's team will be the first to compete for it.

In the case of the visiting team winning the "rubber", a replica of the Shield will be presented to them.