Trinidad Team Arrives For Inter-Colonial Series

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Jamaica Gleaner

Trinidad's Football TeamTrinidad's Football Team: leave the KLM plane that brought them from Trinidad, yesterday, to Jamaica for the inter-colonial series that opens this afternoon at Sabina Park.

Trinidad representative footballers—a jolly set of young sportsmen—arrived in the island by KLM plane yesterday afternoon for the inter-colonial series sponsored by the Jamaica Football Association; and according to their Skipper, Mr. Prior Jones, and other members of the team, they are not only happy to be here for such an important tournament, but are looking forward to the games with enthusiasm.

With the exception of four members of the team. . . Messrs. Prior Jones, Jeffrey Stollmeyer, Gerald Gomez and Andrew Ganteaume. . . the other members are all making their first visit to Jamaica.

At the airport yesterday afternoon were representatives of the Jamaica Football Association and other sportsmen who went to meet the visitors and to extend to them a right heary welcome to Jamaica. Prominent among this gathering were Mr. G. M. daCosta, President of the Jamaica Football Association, Mr. A. D. Soutar, 1st. Vice President, Mr. H. N. Walker, Hon. Secretary, Mr. Dan Matthews, Chairman of the Selection Committee and member of the Council, Major G. Allen, Captain of the Jamaica side, Messrs. Douglas Fletcher and Harold Brown, members of the Council, Mr. J. B. L. Taylor a member of the Entertainment Committee, Mr. R. C. Marley, Captain of the Kingston Cricket Club, Mr. Rolph Grant, Mr. Claude DeLeon, Mr. Vin Sasso, member of the Council, Mr. Eric daCosta, Mr. F. X. Rankine, Mr. B. Cridland and Mr. Arthur Bourke.


The Trinidad team is quite a young one with John Huggins apparently the 'baby'. All the members look very fit and confident in his individual as well as the team's pospects. To quote the Captain. . ."They should certainly give a good account of themselves."

Messrs. Prior Jones, Gomez, Stollmeyer and Ganteaume. . . old friends of Jamaica. . . all expressed their happiness to be back in the island and to renew old friendship and acquaintances.

Mr. Prior Jones speaking of the prospects of his team said, "It is very nice to be back here again to play football against Jamaica. The team, I am sure, is a pretty fair one and we are hoping to do our best against Jamaica.

"With the exception of one chap, we all had a pleasant trip out, and we are looking forward to our competition here with interest and enthusiasm."

Making further remarks on his coming with the team, Mr. Jones said this was his third visit to Jamaica. His first was in 1935, when he came out here with the Trinidadian team, the second was during last year when he was a member of the Trinidad cricketing team.

"The boys are all in good shape. The selectors have done a good job," the Trinidad Captain observed. "There is an old Italian proverb, which says:—'It is better to do well than say well'," he remarked in conclusion.