Hugh Myers Gives Close-Up Of Visitors

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Here is a close-up of the Trinidad footballers, now here as seen through a Jamaican eyes. And that the eyes are competent, hardly needs any comment from me, when I say they belong to none other than Hugh Myers, once of the best backs Jamaica has ever produced.

Without further preamble I give you Hugh, that favourite Y.M.C.A. stalwart of yesterday. As you know he now resides in Port-of-Spain where he works with Trinidad Pilot Association.


"I was so busy that I was unable to see the League matches but made it my duty to see the trials.

"They are sending two goal keepers, both very good men; fine anticipation and sage pairs of hands with a weakness, if any, with high shots.

"Of the backs Dopson is the best, although they are leaving their best man, Sampson, here. This Sampson reminds one of Fitzy Byfield at his best. Dopson's game is very much like Dudley Peter's, and a fellow of the same built. Simmonds and Huggins are good men, sure tacklers, and kick strong with both feet.


"McLean, right half, is fast, good distribution, indefatigable; and but for a slight tendancy to wander occasionaly, sticks like a brother.

"Prior Jones, sound, distributes nicely, a good header and a defensive centre-half, Winn and Seales are good kicks and headers, and distribute well.

"Forwards: Stollmeyer (outside-right) is slow, but centres well. Combines beautifully with Gomez at inside-right. Our left-back must watch for the through pass from Gomez to Jeffrey.

"Gomez is the brains of the forward line. W formation, very fair shot but concentrates on drawing the half and letting his man through.

"Galt (centre-forward) is fast, a good shot and reminds one of our Grant (Y.M.C.A.) of many years ago. Burnett (inside-left) is somewhat slow, but hangs around in midfield picking up the short ones and distributing nicely; very fair shot. Lynch (outside-left) is a man to watch closely; is fast, powerful with both feet and centres nicely.


"Of Ganteaume, Lewis and Baird, I think a lot of Lewis and expect he will play in many matches. Best shot in the side, an opportunist, good ball control—like our Alcock. Baird is good, but a soloist.

"I was asked to broadcast on Saturday night last on Trinidad's team and ours. I did my best to strike terror into their hearts. . . I hope our boys won't let me down.

"These Trinidad boys are fit and play a fast game. They are clever on the ground. I think with their shot backs, our wing men should lob one whenever possible".

"Really, the above is for our players, not so much for the fan; and I hope the information, timely I think, will be helpful".