We Welcome Trinidad

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Jamaica Gleaner


Almost eight months ago Jamaica heartily welcomed 15 sportsmen from Trinidad to re-open intercolonial cricket for the first time in 40 years and representative postwar cricket on these shores. Today we welcome another batch of 18 sportsmen from the Sister Colony to play a similar role in our football and to mark their second such visit as Trinidad were here first in 1935-36.

On [illegible] their cricket predecessors were unanimous in their praise of our hospitality and the enjoyable time they had spent. We assure their [illegible] footballers who will include in their number four of the cricketers arriving to-day of as sincere a welcome as we extended the cricketers and hope that they will have as good [illegible] even although as in the cricket tournament we hope to win the rubber, thus avenging [illegible] of 1935-36.


Prior Jones who will be remembered as the cricket team's courageous fast bowler and now leader of the football side, Gerry Gomez, Jeffrey Stollmeyer (captain of the cricket team) and Andy Ganteaume (opening batsman wicketkeeper) are the old friends. Jones at the centre-half and the rest are forward. The other members arriving today are:

Joey Gonsalves, Ronnie Merritt (Goalkeepers), Syl Dopson, John Simmonds, John Higgins (Backs), Noel Winn, Malcolm McLean, Ian Seale (Half-backs), Rex Burnett, Lio Lynch, Ken Galt (Vice-Captain), Carlton Putty Lewis and Willan Baird (Forwards), Mr. Victor Richardson is the Manager.

They will likely go to Sabina Park for practice this afternoon if the plane arrives in time, 2.30 p.m. according to schedule, or otherwise put in some early morning practice tomorrow.

Tonight they will be the guests of the Jamaica Football Association local sponsors of the tour at a welcome dinner at Sabina Park. Mr. Granville daCosta will be chairman and other guests will include Members of the Jamaica side for the first Colony Match.


Although arriving a day late the Trinidadians are willing to open their tour as per programme, that is they will play their first match against the Combined Schools tomorrow. The tour as is already known will be composed of nine matches—all to be played at Sabina Park.

Trinidad's football season end in December but a series of three Trial Matches and about a similar number of coaching or instructional games kept the players fit and in football form for the tour.

In my article on Wednesday I reported where Ganteaume, the most versatile player (he played at half-back [illegible] the hat trick out of 5 goals in the first Trial which produced 7 goals.


The second Trial produced 8 goals—four to either side revealing as the Trinidad Guardian put it "Forwards overshadowed the defence and goals were netted at regular intervals. Forwards in most cases shot accurately while their goal movements were constructive.

"Beauty goal of the match was scored by Putty Lewis [illegible] centre-forward in the first half of the match from a fairly difficult angle. Lewis scored two goals."

That's just a little of what our players particularly defenders must expect. Gomez who shot a penalty in the match is said to be the most accurate shot of the combination.