Trinidad Football Team arrives Friday 7th.

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Jamaica Gleaner

Welcome Dinner Friday Night, Sabina Park, 8 p.m.
Bookings can be made with G. M. daCosta, 55 Orange Street, up to Thursday afternoon 10 - each.

Arrangements for Admission to Matches — Sabina Park: Spectators for Standing Room only, enter through South Camp Road gate only. Admission 1/6d.

Bona Fide Schoolboys: 6d. each. Entrance through South Camp Road only. Cyclists for Standing Room only entrance through Melbourne Road. Admission 1/6d.

All Other Spectators enter through Emerald Road and Unifruitco Park, and will pay 1/6d. Admission at those gates.

For Any Unbooked Seat these are the additional prices: Bleachers to the North of Pavilion 1/6d. Bleachers to the South of Sabina Park (except covered waggon) 1/6d.

Northern Bleacher in front of Main Stand 3/6d.

Cyclists who propose to buy seating accommodation, enter through Unifruitco Park.

Vendors 4/- at Any Gate

Seats in Covered Waggon and Southern Bleachers in Stand are being booked at Levy Bros., Port Royal Street, 5/- daily or £2 for Season.

First Match, Sabina Park, Saturday, 8th, 4.15 p.m. vs. Combined Schools

Official Souvenir Programme will be on sale on the Grounds. Price: 1/-.

Jamaica Football Association.