Physically—We Are Ready For Trinidad

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Jamaica Gleaner

And Our Weapon Will Be - The W Plan
They Arrive Friday

Trinidad's footballers to open the first international tournament in Jamaica since 1938 and the second West Indies Intercolonial Tournament in our history will arrive on Friday morning by KLM plane instead of tomorrow, as was originally scheduled.

By travelling on that day the full complement of the team will arrive together, while by the Thursday plane that would not have been possible.

We recall the last tournament against the Sister Colony with mixed feelings; but our football fathers, headed by the energetic Granville daCosta, have learned their lessons of that hour, and the steps taken to prevent, we hope, a repetition of Trinidad's clean sweep are long public's property.

To-day the Jamaica fan is confident, if we should lose the "rubber" it will not he due to lack of physical fitness but that Trinidad has improved 100 per cent in their football in the last decade. Eleven years ago we lost, but we are still of the firm belief that we were the better footballers technically.


Both teams compared favourably in age. I think Ken Galt, centre-forward, and brother of D'Arcy Galt who was the reserve goalkeeper of the first team, is the only player over 30, whilst the only "survivor" of the tournament of 11 years ago is the Trinidad skipper, Prior Jones, who was then only 19.

For the first time Jamaica will be using the W Plan in its entirety in representative football. Our forwards have always used the V of it, but our defenders never got down to it, always preferring the half-backs tackling the opposite wingers, the pivot wandering around and the backs playing the one-forward one-back tactics.

This is even done to-day in our club football, but George Allen has been able to get our Jamaica representatives to play the W Plan even in defence and to like it, I think; therefore, that it is the best thing that he should be on the field to see his ideas carried out on this first occasion that we will be using the plan in representative football.


The last Trinidad team used the W formation in defence to some extent and in Botha Tench Jamaica saw probably the best centre-half to visit us, despite seeing such exponents as Peter Williams (Corinthians-Casuals) and R. M. Hollis (Oxford & Cambridge). If Jones measures up to Tench then he is very good.

The visitors' vanguard they say Gomez, Ganteaume, Jeff Stollmeyer, and Rex Burnett are all clever players; and if the, too, measure up to John Sutherland, the dapper little inside left who was the brains of that line of the first team, then our defenders are in for some hectic time.

In the first Trial Match to pick the present Trinidad Team Ganteaume did the "hat trick" at outside-left. The Trinidad opening batsman is probable the most versatile member of their forward line as he can play on either wing or inside position.