T&T To Play Club Instead

Marc Purcell
Date Published: 

T&T will now play Nexaca of the Mexican first division instead of the Mexican national team. The game is scheduled for March 28th in Port of Spain.

This should come as no surprise to many for once again we look like idiots. It seems that the top brass of the TTFF are incapable of arranging a international friendly without Jack Warner. Nexaca is a good team with many national stars. However there is a difference between a national team and a club team. I guess there is no other country in the world that could come to Trinidad and play the national team.

Just a little note to remember, this time next year the Gold Cup will be in full swing in either Miami, Los Angeles or San Diego.

Yorke to bolt to England?

Dwight Yorke in a English uniform? Well according to newspaper reports coming out of England Dwight Yorke has applied for a British passport and the FA are seeking to line him up for England. However, that will be extremely difficult because under Fifa rules, once a player represents his country in a full international he cannot play for another nation.

Apparently, the FA are looking into a loop hole that could have Yorke play for England. Should this ever happen in a million years, it will open a can of worms that will not easily be closed. Disgruntled players could switch sides like they change there undershirts.

One example where this rule change could affect a nation's players is in Spain where immigration laws allow any person born on the South American continent to be considered Spanish citizens.