Under 17's Suffer Big

Marc Purcell
Date Published: 

Once again folks we are seeing the continuation of a trend. For months now we have known about the Under 17 tournament in El Salvador. In fact we know from the internet and other tools when and where future tournaments will be held. Yet the TTFF still feel content on sending ill-prepared teams of red, white and black to not only embarrass themselves but a nation as well. This was the case of the Under 17 team and soon to be the Olympic squad.

The national Under 17's were outdone by three factors, first better prepared teams in Mexico, El Salvador and Canada. Secondly, by just five weeks of practise and thirdly by an administration so intent on bowing to the needs of one man that they cannot tell their asses from there heads. Folks, I have reached a point where I am so frustrated that in the coming weeks I will be requesting that the TTFF become more accountable by enlisting your help.

The national under 17 team suffered some big losses in a bid to qualify for the World Youth Cup in New Zealand. They last Wednesday they opened the tournament with a 6-1 loss to host El Salvador. On Friday they lost to Mexico 6-2 and Sunday they continued there trend with a 6-0 loss to Canada.

Let's see what the TTFF has to say about this. In there twisted logic they would look at the two goals against Mexico as something to build on. Wow!

Man U progress in FA cup.

I want to apologise to you folks who were expecting Manchester United versus Arsenal. I read the schedule wrong.

Andy Cole powered Manchester United to a 1-0 win over Fulham on Sunday. That win propelled them into the FA Cup quarterfinals. Clint Marcelle and Barnsley also advanced with a 4-1 win over Bristol Rovers.

Manchester United are schedule to play Chelsea on March 6th. Barnsley will play the winner of the Tottenham-Leeds United replay.

In other action, Shaka Hislop and West Ham defeated Nottingham Forrest 2-1 in the Premiership.

Tomorow Manchester United will face Arsenal in what will definitely be the game of the week.