English Footer Coach For West Indies

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Always we have heard from the cricket fraternity a cry for a coach, particularly at the present time when there are undoubtedly noticeable signs that the standard of local football has fallen.


But to return to the question. Why not a coach tor Jamaica? Probably, starting with the schools it will prove an incentive not only to achieve schoolboy glory but to attain a higher plane in the game, which postwar conditions should certainly encourage.


In this respect, probably, the most go-ahead football body in the West Indies is the Trinidad A.F.A. They have already conceived the idea of bringing out a coach from England as is their idea of an English "Educational Tour" of the West Indies, to which I have already referred in previous articles.

It will be recalled at the last general meeting of the J.F.A. a federation of West Indies football was discussed, and commenting on this the "Trinidad Guardian's" sports, commentator, "Spectator" writes:

"Now that there is a plan on foot to invite an English football team to the W.I. on an 'Educational' tour, Jamaica has reason to feel elated, having been invited to share in the expenses jointly with Trinidad, Barbados, British Guiana, the Leeward Islands and Venezuela.

"Another pleasant bit of news heard—was that the T.A.F.A. have invited all the Colonies in the Caribbean circuit to study the advisability of bringing down an English football coach on a three-year contract: "Job for the coach, it is understood, will be to go from place to place in the West Indies and teach the players along the lines of English football methods.

"Countries which stand to benefit are Venezuela, Jamaica, the Leeward Islands and, of course, British Guiana, Barbados and Trinidad."

We hope the J.F.A. know about this, because it is said that the T.A.F.A. president, Commander Charles Hayward, has made considerable headway in respect to making the Educational Tour and Coach project realities.