English Football Team For W.I.?

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner



And while we are on representative football it is interesting to note that particularly through the efforts of the President of the Trinidad Football Association, Lieut-Commander Charles Hayward, now in England, there might be what is called an English Educational Football Tour of the West Indies in the near future.

Says the "Trinidad Sunday Guardian" of Dec. 23: "Mr. Hayward during his stay in England will look after arrangements for the proposed West Indian educational tour by the English Football Association, to which the West Indies soccer bodies and British Guiana have approved." In a recent letter to the Secretary of the T.A.F.A. the Commander said that he was on the job. Of course, it will involve English professional players.

I think it was Mr. Hayward who recently represented the British Caribbean Football Associations at a conference in London and to which reference was made to and received the approval of the J.F.A.

He was probably the only West Indian football official to see the Russian Dynamo players. He was guest to the Chelsea Club when the latter drew 3-3 with the visitors and saw the Arsenal match, which the Russians won 4-3 after trailing 3-1.


"Though a trifle unorthodox they are marvellous," writes the Lieut-Commander, "and their physical condition is extraordinarily good. In my opinion their success so far has been due to the fact that they play practically the same game that we played say 20 years ago. Short passing, perfect ball control and above all anticipation; and team work is I am sure the key to their success."

Trinidad will not only be sending cricket teams to Barbados (this month) and to Jamaica in September but will be touring British Guiana with a football team in March.