Spotlight On Sport

G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


I have just hear from our "Ambassador" in Trinidad, Mr. Lloyd Smith, discussing fully the prospects of the Trinidad-Jamaica Sports Series which he is arranging.

Here is his letter:

Dear Scotter,

I am safely back in Trinidad, and about to begin the work on my book. You wanted me to send you, in advance, the dossier regarding all that has been done and arranged regarding those suggested sporting tours. Well here it is. The various reporters came to me and I have given them what is what, and first publication appeared in the Gazette of to-day's date, which I have cut out to save time and air mailed to you.

The only other notes of interest which you may add are:


(2) The Football Association will hold a meeting in a week or so to consider receiving Jamaica. The big question here is a suitable ground, as matches here are played in the open and only stand accommodation can bring in finance. The best ground would be the Q.P. Oval, but it is a mile from out, and football fans do not relish the idea of going so far away to witness games. Trinidad will have to bear some portion of Jamaica's expenses and consequently the biggest possible gates are necessary.


Yous, etc.