Trinidad Glad Football Expenses Issue Is Settled

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

The Trinidad Amateur Football Association have just received a draft from the Jamaica Football Association for a sum of 150 dollars to cover the expenses defrayed by the former body in connection with the tour of a football side to Jamaica last December, says the Trinidad "Guardian" of last Thursday's date.

This bring to a pleasing end a controversy which arose over an agreement reached between these two Associations, the difference of opinion being reached in consequence of the T.A.F.A. side travelling to another centre as a result of arrangements being reached when the side was in Jamaica.


From a Jamaica paper, the Trinidad "Guardian" learned that a meeting of the Jamaica Football Association held recently to debate the matter of the payment of the further sum which the T.A.F.A. were claiming as part of their expenses, the Association decided to grant the amount to the T.A.F.A.

Discussing the question, Mr. G. St. Clair Scotter, competent sports critic of "The Gleaner" wrote as follows:

"I discussed the pros and cons of this matter fully in the columns of this journal some time ago, and, while the arrangements made Trinidad's claim was somewhat doubtful, there was no doubt, from the sporting point of view, Jamaica was responsible for the amount.

"Had the Jamaica Association decided to stand, so to speak, on their legal rights in the matter, and refused the claim, it would have unquestionably have given us somewhat of a bad name for sportsmanship over in Trinidad, and hindered the growing friendship between the two centres which we all heartily desire to continue."

Mr. E. A. Hinds, Honorary Secretary and Treasurer of the T.A.F.A. was the receipt by mail two days ago of a letter from the Association in which was enclosed a draft for 150 dollars to cover the claim of the T.A.F.A., and it is pleasant to record that the Jamaica Association have acted as promptly as possible in having this matter finally determined.

All that now remains to be done is for the T.A.F.A., with reasonable expedition, to arrange for the return visit of a Jamaica side to this Colony, and possible to Barbados and British Guiana as well, and accord the visitors some of the lavish hospitality which was showered on our players last December when they visited the Isle of Springs.