Visit Of The Trinidadian Footer Team

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

An Official of The Jamaica Association Relates His Impressions Of Games.
Visitors Are Complimented On Their Sporting Spirit & Great Determination.

THERE CAN BE NO DOUBT that the visit of the Trinidad footballers has done some good to local football by re-awakening interest in the game, if in no other way, and the sporting manner in which the visiting players went through the series of matches. Their persistency, cheerfulness and determination, are factors which could be well exemplified by our players. These are some of the points that were emphasised by an official of the Jamaica Football Association with whom a Gleaner reporter spoke on the recent tournament.

He said: "I have but very little to say about the tour of the Trinidad footballers just ended. But I could not allow this opportunity to slip by without firstly


on the very able and loyal manner in which they have supported the endeavour of the Association.

"It is a fact that local football has been on the down grade, especially this account of it is hardly necessary for me to further the point that the playing of every competing club has fallen considerably below that of last season.

"Because of this factor, I personally was somewhat concerned over the prospects of the tour of the Trinidadians, not so much financially, but from the point of view of what the games would be like. And to be quite frank, I am not a bit disappointed over the performance of our representative teams in the three Colony matches.

"The selectors are even at the moment getting no end of criticism adversely, and even some from the multitude; but this [illegible] they have done their very best. But the best work of [illegible] has never met with universal approval.

"But admitting that there were some errors made by the selectors is it not a fact that as wanting as the All-Jamaica teams might have appeared to many, the chances that were given of scoring, if they had been successfully converted, would have compensated any error made by the selectors?

"And take the selectors of the All-Jamaica team in the third Colony match, could a better selection be made? And look at the showing of that team, moreso in the closing stages of the game.

"Mr. Wilkinson and his team are undoubtedly a fine type of sportsmen. On every apperance on the field they displayed that


if a team is to be successful—the true spirit and a total understanding of co-ordinating playing. There was a perfect blending of play section to section, and player to player. These were sadly lacking factors on the Jamaica teams.

"The game played by the Trinidadians is by no means different to that played in Jamaica. But there is much that can be learnt by our players from them. Their victories over Jamaica in the three Colony matches are deserving and very much merited; and even if they had won the first two, Jamaica might have at least have won one.

"Again take the match of the Trinidadians against the Montego Bay combined team. Montego Bay had every opportunity of winning the match. They, like the last All-Jamaica team, led off in the scoring, and kept in the pace well for the whole of the first part of the game. Then once again Trinidad rallied wonderfully and won decisively. Such feats revealed


and undaunted tenacity of the Trinidadian players which are [illegible] lacking among the players of Jamaica.

"Of all things I, as one who [illegible] the Jamaica Football Association, am extremely pleased with the termination of the tournament from a playing point of view. I am pleased with the marked manner in which the games were played by our side, and even moreso that our visitors have expressed their fullest satisfaction, on by one, of the reception of Jamaica, on and off the field."