Mr. Palmer Gives At Home For Trinidad Footballers

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Jamaica Gleaner

Delightful Function At Tottenham Yesterday Afternoon.
Lawn Tennis Matches A Feature Of The Entertainment.

A SPIRIT OF FELLOWSHIP and camaraderie prevailed at "Tottenham" the residence of Mr. W. J. Palmer, President of the Jamaica Football Association, yesterday afternoon—the occasion being an "At Home," given by Mr. Palmer and his daughter, Miss Margery Palmer, in honour of the visiting Trinidadian football team.

The function proved enjoyable, and was graced by His Excellency Sir Edward Denham and Lady Denham, who were accompanied by Capt. Harvey, A.D.C. Many prominent people were in attendance, including members of the Jamaica Football Council and the Jamaica team, who were also specially invited.

The Governor and Lady Denham were met on arrival at 4.30 o'clock by Mr. Palmer and his daughter.

The spacious lawn on the eastern wing of the residence was the scene of the afternoon's function, and flanked as it was with Christmas poinsettia and evergreen, a delightful and restful colour was lent to the proceedings. The gay evening dresses of the ladies also added much to the picturesque side of the affair.

The catering was efficiently carried out by the staff of the Myrtle Bank Hotel, under the capable management of Mr. John Mclntosh, chief steward; and Mr. L. A. Marshall, head waiter, conducted the guests to their seats and generally supervised the waiting.

Throughout the afternoon tennis was indulged in, much to the delight of the spectators, by Messrs. Donald Leahong, H. O. A. Dayes, B. Tench, one of the visiting Trinidadians, Mrs. McNair and Miss Madge Farquharson.

The following is a list of the invited guests, most of whom were present:—

His Excellency and Lady Denham, Commander Rushbrooke, Private Secretary; Capt. Harvey, A.D.C.; The Chief Justice and Lady Lyall-Grant, Brigadier and Mrs. Langhorne; Hon. S. R. Cargill and Mrs. Cargill, His Lordship Bishop Hardie, D.D., and Miss I. Taylor, His Lordship Bishop Emmet, S.J., Hon. A. K. and Mrs. Agar, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Alexander, Mr. J. G. Alkins, Mr. F. Ambard, Mrs. Andrews, Mr. G. W. Armstrong and Miss Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barker, Miss Pamela Beard, Mrs. K. Bourne, O.B.E., Mr. and Mrs. W. Briggs, Mr. and Mrs. Britten, Mr. L. N. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Buie, Mr. H. Burnett, Rev. Father Leo. T. Butler, S.J., Hon. M. V. and Mrs. Camacho, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Campbell, Mr. R. W. Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. H. Chambers, Mr. Paul Chevannes, Mr. Harold Cocking, Maj. G. S. Cox, Mr. and Mrs. John Crook, Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Croswell, Mr. and Mrs. G. M. DaCosta, Mr. H. DaCosta, Mr. and Mrs. H. O. A. Payes, Mr. and Mrs. Michael deCordova, Mr. L. Deleon, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert deLisser, Sir Charles and Lady Doorly, Miss Ina Doorly, Mr. B. H. Barter, Col. and Miss A. A. Fenn, Mr. and Mrs. J. Findlay, Miss Margaret Finlason, Mrs. Foster, Mr. Alistair Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Fletcher, Mr. and Mrs. A. Fuge, Mr. D. Galt, The Rev. J. F. and Mrs. Gartshore, Dr. E. Gideon, Mr. and Mrs. R. Gillies, The Misses Gillies, Mr. John Gillies, Mr. J. Groves, Mr. T. Hadden, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Hallett, Mr. and Mrs. M. Hanna, Mr. Harper, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Harris, Mr. B. Henderson, Mr. L. Henderson, Mr. A. E. Hendricks, Mrs. Hitchcock, Mr. I. Hitchens, Mr. and Mrs. Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. Howe, Capt. Johnson, Mr. B. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Judah, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kemp, Mr. R. Kinkead, Mr. and Mrs. Knecht, The Misses Knecht, Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Lacey, Mr. M. Larter, Mr L. Larter, Mr. Donald Leahong, Capt. Lindsay, Mr. N. B. Livingstone and Lady Cuffe, Dr. and Mrs. Locket, Mr. W. Lopez, Mr. and Mrs. MacNair, Mr. and Miss Mair, Miss Mair, Capt. and Mrs. Marshall, Mr. A. Maynard, Mr. and Mrs. V. C. McCormack, Mr. A. E. McKenzie, Dr. and Mrs. McLean, Mr. J Merry, Col. and Mrs. Miller, Miss Miller, Mr. and Mrs. L. deMontbrun, Mr. and Mrs. Moore, Mr. Moran, Mrs. Mordecai, Mr. Leslie Mordecai, Mr. J. Mordecai, Mrs. Morgan, Sir William and Lady Morrison, Miss Elaine Moss, Mr. and Mrs. A. de C. Myers, Mr. Horace Myers, Mr. and Mrs. N. N. Nethersole, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson, Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Nunes, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Orrett, Mr. L Parks, Mr. and Mrs. V. Parkinson, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Passailaigue, Mr and Mrs. W. Passailaigue, Mr. and Mrs. H. Paxton, Mr. W. Payne, Mr. D. Peter, Mr. H. G. Powell, Rev. E. E. and Mrs. Price, Miss Doreen Reside, Mr. and Mrs. H. Sasso, Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Sasso, Mr. A. Sasso, Mr. Owen Samuel, Mr. and Mrs. Scoggin, Hon. G. and Mrs. Seymour-Seymour, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Shillingford, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Sidley, the Hon. H. A. L. Simpson, O.B.E., M.L.C., Mr. J. Sinclair, Mr. O. Smith, Mr. C. Sutherland, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Temperton, Mr. B. Tench, Mr. B. Thompson, Sergeant Thompson, Miss Margaret Thornberry, Major Tindale, Miss Nancy Tucker, Mr. and Mrs, W. E. O. Turvill, Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Walker, Dr. and Mrs. Washburn, Mr. J. Waterhouse, Mr. and Mrs. E. Watson, Rev. and Mrs. J. Leslie Webb, Mr. O. Wilkes, Mr. A. Wilkinson, Mr. and Mrs. C. Woolley, Mr. O. F. Wright.

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A GROUP OF DISTINGUISHED GUESTS at the pleasant "At Home" given by the President Jamaica Football Association, Mr. W. J. Palmer, and his daughter, Miss M. Palmer, in honour of the Trinidad football team, yesterday afternoon at Mr. Palmer's home, "Tottenham," on the Hope Road. (Reading from left to right) standing: Sir Wm. Morrison, the Hon. George Seymour Seymour, the Hon. S. R. Cargill, His Lordship Bishop Hardie, D.D.; Sir Robert Lyall-Grant, Chief Justice; His Lordship Bishop Emmet, S.J.; Seated: Mrs. S. R. Cargill, Lady Denham, Mr. W. J. Palmer, H.E. Sir Edward Denham, G.C.M.G.; Miss Margery Palmer, Lady Lyall-Grant, and Mrs. Seymour Seymour.

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JAMAICA AND TRINIDAD unite at enjoyable "At Home" given by Mr. W. J. Palmer and his daughter, Miss Margery Palmer, in honour of the visiting Trinidad football team yesterday afternoon at their home at "Tottenham" on the Hope Road. A "short" of some of the boys enjoying tea on the lawn. (L to R): B. Henderson (Trinidad), Whylie Lopez, F. Kinkead, L. Parke, H. DaCosta and Johny Groves.