Spotlight On Sport

G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Trinidad vs. "Dragons" To-day.

Will the "Dragon" prove more formidable than the "Tiger" is what football fans are asking to-day as Trinidad and the St. George's Old Boys teams face each other this afternoon at Sabina.

From what I have seen of the two sides, Kingston and St. George's this season, Kingston with the wealth of individual talent they have at their disposal, are a somewhat stronger side than St. George's, but the latter are probably a better balanced side, they know each other's play very well, having had more or less the same side playing now for a couple of seasons, in fact they probably combine better together than any other team in the First Division with the possible exception of the Foresters.

So that, although not quite as strong a side as Kingston, it may well be that the Dragons will also succeed in turning back the conquering Trinidad boys.

As for the latter, full of confidence after their victory on Saturday, and with the end of their tour in sight, they are likely to play faster and more forceful football that ever to-day and give that "Dragon" defence a pretty hot time.